Farrah Abraham trashed apartment complex on Yelp twice after fire she reportedly started

Farrah Abraham Yelp review after apartment fire

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is either one of the unluckiest renters in the world, or one of the worst tenants in the world.

The U.S. Sun recently broke the news that Farrah was allegedly responsible for starting a fire in her luxury Austin, Texas apartment building in September. “Farrah left a lit candle unattended on her patio after she went inside and fell asleep,” a “source familiar with the incident” tells The U.S. Sun.

The site spoke with a rep from the Austin Fire Department who confirmed that they responded to the apartment complex where Farrah resides on September 9 at approximately 12:30AM. The rep says the fire started when “a candle knocked over and caught a chair on fire.” (It’s unclear if the chair in question was from Farrah’s now-defunct furniture store, Furnished By Farrah.)

The U.S. Sun’s source says that the fire set off the apartment’s sprinkler system and there was an evacuation of the apartment building. “The source confirmed that Farrah’s daughter Sophia, 13, was in the apartment at the time of the fire,” the site adds. “Fortunately, neither Farrah nor Sophia were injured in the incident.”

The porch fire is just the latest in a long string of unpleasant renting experiences for the 31-year-old “Backdoor Teen Mom,” as evidenced by her infamous negative Yelp reviews over the past year.

Farrah’s LA Apartment

In February, Farrah lashed out at her Los Angeles apartment complex just before she moved back to Texas. In her one-star review of Jardine Apartments, Farrah complained about not having hot water, a “terrorist” that lived in the building, an unhelpful concierge, small laundry machines, lack of soundproof walls and ceiling, and having to return an AT&T modem. She felt that paying $14,000 a month entitled her to a better experience.

Farrah’s 1st Austin Apartment

Farrah moved into a luxury apartment complex in east Austin, but things didn’t get any better. In July of this year, Farrah left a one-star Yelp review for Avenir Apartments. Farrah blamed her apartment for a series of health issues she was having after she discovered mold on one of her walls. She was refunded three months rent, but Farrah demanded four.

From Farrah’s review:

The contractor and warranty corrected the shower structural issue that made me deathly sick yet the manager thinks I’ll sign a document that says I’ll pay for my health declining because they now fixed the shower and wall- this has wasted 4 months of my life I’m disgusted I even have to waste more time writing a review but I wouldn’t want anyone else to die or have severe health issues due to the health inspection before move in not checking for mold, and being financially abused, bullied and mistreated to pay for the clean up, not being able to sleep in their bed, not able to use their shower, having to stay in hotels, this is wrong and illegal on many levels.

Farrah’s Current Austin Apartment

Farrah moved out of the Avenir Apartments into her current apartment complex in August. Things started going bad before Farrah was even fully moved in thanks to Moving Up ATX. Farrah says the moving company was responsible for a “broken tv, broken vanity, broken versace glasses, [and] missing items from kitchen.” She concluded this relatively brief one-star Yelp review by writing: “Criminal activity and vandalism at its finest so their [sic] getting sued.”

Things went from bad to worse in her new digs after Farrah allegedly set her apartment on fire less than a month after moving in. It seems that the apartment complex wasn’t handling the fire damage repairs as well as Farrah would have liked, and she left two separate one-star reviews. Oddly, she has since deleted both reviews. Could it be that she may actually be planning to follow through with legal action this time?

Thankfully, this “reporter” has an unhealthy obsession with Farrah’s Yelp reviews and I have her deleted reviews saved. Below are both of them, starting with her first negative review just five days after the fire. That is followed by her follow-up one-star review on October 10:

September 14, 2022
1.0 star rating
The staff does not do due diligence
The staff is not reliable
They do not care about residence schedules, timing or planning.
Cleaning and maintenance is horrible.

At any moment it’s always “blame” residence when they abide by lease.

-the building dictates your Wi-Fi speed 1G is all you can get.

The clear lies, the purposeful lack of response and waiting over a month to fix things told “next day” complete is worse then I’ve ever witnessed.
After having to leave work to come back to babysit maintenance since they couldn’t use their two hands this is why I’m leaving this review as I was not needed and the building did not come prepared per the usual.
They can’t fix simple paint issues as the walls are left miss matched for months.
I wish this building all the best because it needs the best to upkeep the bones of the new building, the cleaning and support to residence needs an exceptional amount of training. No one should pay $$$$$.$$ monthly and be treated like this or disrespected in their home. 2022 lives by better work ethics, equality and inclusion then this building provides.

October 10, 2022
1.0 star rating
I have to write another review, sad that Dominique from the building can’t manage a beautiful property nor be honest or respectful to top residence.

It’s been a month and the building can not take care of a great building – also Harasses and makes up ways to create insurance fraud which I have to handle now, horrible maintenance service from “Malik ” who can’t fix but create more messes, lies and mistreats the amazing Hispanic men who have to come clean up the maintenance manager messes all the time!

Also oddly Dominique and Malik have created breach of privacy issues, and breaks building policies. They can’t abide by their own lease contracts and Dominique can not understand her own lease terms and tries to weaponize the lease terms again a resident as recorded.

Hate crimes, discrimination and I’ve been ignored after demanding to speak with Dominique’s boss’s or owners of building, and legal team so she can stop taking the law into her own hands when she obstructs justice daily.

I’m awaiting this hideous mess to be fixed that was created by the maintenance team who have waited over a month to replace a fire sprinkler and is against code due to them signing off to fix this immediately. The building doesn’t have extra sprinkler heads? Can’t purchase another? Can’t Communicate but can create insurance fraud, mistreat people, lie, avoid, act out very passive aggressive and small minded.

If you don’t like down town then don’t work down town and learn how to treat people with respect I’m tired of the ugly messes the building staff creates here in a new building! It’s insane behavior and must change immediately.

Farrah Abraham apartment fire photos

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