TEEN MOM Ryan Edwards blasts ‘dumb f***ers,’ says people like him and Mackenzie will fix the country

Teen Mom Ryan Edwards Instagram rant

Aside from Tinder, Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards has been keeping a pretty low profile on social media over the past few years. However, some negative comments on a recent post by his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, elicited a VERY irate response from Ryan. After calling his critics “dumb f***ers” and “whiny a** b*tches” who have our country in a “pathetic state,” Ryan adds that it is “ppl like me [and] my wife…that has to fix it.”

Ryan’s tirade went down in the comments for a rather innocent photo posted by Mackenzie. The photo features Ryan holding his daughter Stella, and it was accompanied by Mackenzie’s caption: “Pretty rare that we get 1 on 1 time with each of our kids… but when we do it’s perfect✨”

Mackenzie’s original post:

It is a sweet photo, and it is a rarity in more ways than just what Mackenzie was referring to. Ryan has posed multiple times on Instagram over the past year holding his dog, but the last photo posted of him holding one of his children on Instagram was more than a year ago.

Mackenzie and Ryan are not exactly Teen Mom OG fan favorites, and her seemingly innocent and sweet photo inspired some negative comments.

Before Mackenzie turned the comments off, Ryan Edwards typed up the following response to the negativity:

You dumb f***ers got it all wrong I’m just a sh*t bag because I’m white and privileged y’all idiots don’t know sh*t but what is on tv. You people are worthless cowards 10+ years of you people saying the same sh*t 10+ years I’ve never meet one motherf***er to say one negative thing to my face….you would think that with everything else going on in are Country right now you would question the way you act because it’s the people like you that act like whining a** b*tches that got us in this pathetic state. And it will be the ppl like me my wife and the other half of ppl that would rather do something positive with their life that has to fix it. So next time you go to say some stupid sh*t that you know nothing about about… bite your tongue the f*** off! IT WILL HELP US ALL

It’s assumed that Ryan’s critique of the state of the country is politically motivated. He is an avid Trump supporter and an equally avid Biden detractor. I won’t try to articulate Ryan’s political views for him, instead I will allow him to speak for himself.

Here is what Ryan posted on Instagram less than a week after the 2020 Presidential election:

After Trump wins 2020 bc of the bull sh*t cheating that democrats Have done it will only be for 4 more years and then what do republicans do worry again that some other self-centered ignorant politician is going to win and lie to us and f*** the American people over……NO bc if trump left right now him and his VP have showed us it can be done you can’t keep your word and you can expose the corruption and then that he’s giving us a new way of thinking and that is the most powerful thing he could have done. Most of us as Republicans want to be their turn the other cheek or act like we didn’t hear it now a lot of us of Have drawn a line in the sand and let them know if they cross it we mean business and every day they’re going to test us in every day we’re going to continue to show that’s a dumb idea. So don’t stress out its like the old day if god is for us who could be for them.

In the past 24 hours, Ryan has shared a few politically motivated Instagram story posts. One states that Biden “is the virus” and is going to “shut down the economy.” Another is a brief video clip of Joe Rogan calling Australia a “prison colony” due to their anti-COVID measures.

The third of Ryan’s recent Instagram story posts is audio of the beginning of Larken Rose’s short story “The Jones Plantation.” Here is the portion posted by Ryan:

Mr. Jones owned a cotton plantation and many slaves. One day he was talking to the owner of the plantation next to his and Mr. Jones was lamenting the fact that times were tough, he was having to work his slaves harder than ever, and was having trouble with some of them being disobedient [or trying to run away].

In the story, the slaves are told they are free, but warned that if they step foot on another plantation, they will be taken by another owner and made slaves again. “I urge you not to risk your newfound freedom by doing something so foolish,” the neighboring plantation owner informed the newly “freed” slaves, “instead I suggest that you stay here, no longer as slaves, but as willing participants and part owners of this plantation.”

The “former” slaves choose to remain, and everything on the plantation basically goes back to the exact same way it was. That includes whippings, not having any say in how the plantation is run, etc., but under the guise of freedom.

A slave named Samuel eventually speaks out and tells the other slaves that nothing has really changed. From Samuel’s speech in the short story:

What’s the difference? The situation stays the same. We do all of the work and they take as much as they want and decide how much they’ll let us keep. They live in luxury made rich by the cotton we pick. We do all the work and have to build our own huts, grow our own food, and take care of ourselves. They leave us just enough that we don’t revolt or run away.

This is not freedom We’re all still slaves. They’ve only changed the words they use, but nothing else has changed. They say we’re all free and equal, but we’re not. They command and we obey. That’s not freedom. That’s not equality.

They say we’re free to leave, but all that means is that we’re free to be someone else’s slave. Why should we work or obey the rules we didn’t agree to? They made the system. They forced it on us. They control and robbed us and call it freedom. They’ve deceived you into thinking that being able to choose which slave master you’ll work for is the same as being free. It’s not. Open your eyes.

When Samuel is done speaking, he is whipped to death, and “at every lash of the whip, the other workers cheered louder and louder — some yelling curses at Samuel being spoiled and selfish. ‘You complain about everything talking as if you’re oppressed, but you are the one ruining things. You are the one keeping us from being all we could be.'”

The story’s theme is about as far from conservative as it gets, so it seems a bit odd that Ryan would share it.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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