Teen Mom Girls’ Night In is OG moms reacting to Teen Mom 2 episodes, much like Pillow Talk

New Teen Mom MTV show Teen Mom Girls Night In

MTV has just released the first preview trailer for their Teen Mom crossover spin-off Teen Mom: Family Reunion. But that isn’t the only new Teen Mom show premiering January 11! The network will also debut Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In.

“Ever wondered what the Teen Mom’s really think of the moms on the other series?” the network asks in a press release announcing the new show. “In Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In, the ladies from Teen Mom OG will watch episodes of Teen Mom 2 and unleash their personal opinions on the biggest moments from the episode. From laughing at the kids’ tantrums to sympathizing with their parenting struggles, our cast will speak on everything from Jade’s Brazilian Butt Lift to juggling co-parenting relationships.”

The release lists the “talent” involved with the series as Amber Portwood, Maci McKinney, Catelynn Baltierra and Cheyenne Floyd. It also mentions that there will be “surprise appearances.” I assume we can expect to see some of the husbands, and possibly some of the kids? Who knows, maybe actual Teen Mom OG mom Mackenzie McKee will be allowed to be in an episode?

In case you missed it, Mackenzie had a falling out with the rest of the Teen Mom OG cast. She reportedly did not film with them despite being in Los Angeles at the same time. In our recap of the falling out, we included this clip posted by Maci, which looks like it might be the OG moms shooting promos for Girls’ Night In:

There will be ten one-hour long episodes in the premiere season of Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In. This show is handled by the producers of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and will reportedly have a similar feel. Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In premieres Tuesday, January 11 at 9/8c.

Teen Mom Pillow Talk

It’s clear that MTV is taking inspiration from TLC’s hugely successful 90 Day Fiance spin-off series Pillow Talk. That show features current and former cast members from the various 90 Day Fiance franchises offering up commentary on new episodes.

The ratings for the most recent seasons of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant have been abysmal. Given how long some of the OG cast members have been on television, I can understand why MTV is desperate to try to find a viable vehicle for them. However, as a fan of the franchise since the very beginning, I can’t say that I’m too excited to watch Maci, Catelynn, Amber and Cheyenne commenting on Teen Mom 2 episodes.

If the show turns out to be a success, I assume that we will be seeing the moms from Teen Mom 2 turning the tables and commenting on Teen Mom OG episodes in Season 2 of Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In.

What do you think about the concept? Let us know in the comments over on Instagram:

Teen Mom: Family Reunion

Prior to the premiere of Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In, MTV will debut Teen Mom: Family Reunion.
“The stars of the Teen Mom franchise collide on Teen Mom: Family Reunion with Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Cheyenne Floyd joining Leah Messer, Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline and Ashley Jones alongside special guests, including Farrah Abraham, for the mother of all reunions,” reads the MTV press release.

More about the series:

The moms from the Teen Mom franchise come together for a massive family reunion to connect with one another and celebrate their unique bonds. With fun, sun and new friendships… They’ll also reunite with surprise guests from the past and present. No Family Reunion party is complete without some fireworks!

The press release is not overselling the fireworks angle. The Ashley has been sharing updates about all the drama going down, which includes a fight with Briana DeJesus and Jade Cline on one side and Ashley Jones on the other.

There was also some drama when Farrah Abraham made a surprise appearance. “Everyone was absolutely p*ssed when they found out about Farrah. Words were said,” The Ashley’s production source reveals. “One of the Teen Mom OG girls actually flipped some furniture in anger. Another girl threw something [toward Farrah] and it hit a different cast member on accident. It was complete chaos.”

Here’s the preview trailer for Teen Mom: Family Reunion:

And here’s a clip of Maci McKinney, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell talking with Dr. Drew about what it was like filming the new show. They even address their reunion with Farrah Abraham, who has recorded a special message for everyone:

Teen Mom: Family Reunion premieres Tuesday, January 11 at 8/7cc.

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