TEEN MOM Is this Cheyenne Floyd’s shooting? Mom, dad, 2 children in a BMW shot at in LA in May

Is this the Cheyenne Floyd car shooting?

On the series premiere of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Cheyenne Floyd made the shocking reveal that she and her family were the victims of a shooting earlier this year. Cheyenne, her fiance Zach Davis, and their two young children were in their vehicle when someone the couple knew shot at their car 13 times.

The reveal was a huge surprise to many fans of the show who are used to cast members being under a microscope of media attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How is it possible that a star of Teen Mom was shot at 13 times in or around Los Angeles and NOBODY knew? Not even TMZ?

After the episode aired, there was a mad scramble among fans to find out more information. Reddit user u/Buttersquaash-33 found numerous news reports on a shooting in Cheyenne’s Los Angeles neighborhood that appears to match up with a lot of what Cheyenne and Zach revealed on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

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UPDATE – Zach has since posted photos from the scene of their shooting and IT IS NOT THE SAME. Click the link for the update!
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Cheyenne says in the episode that she, Zach, daughter Ryder and son Ace were in the car after the kids visited their doctors. She recalls seeing a green “beam” on Zach’s head just prior to the shooting, which would indicate the shooter was using a laser sight.

“I looked at who was holding the gun and it was somebody we both knew,” Zach says. “Not only is it that we know him, he’s been here at Chey’s house. There’s pictures with him.”

Zach says the shooter “hit the car 13 times” and then they “crashed into the back of a Prius.”

Later in the episode, after the court case was continued, Cheyenne got emotional talking about the incident with her family. “We should never have had to strip our kids in the middle of the f***ing street,” she said through tears. “That’s just not fair.”

Is this the Cheyenne Floyd shooting?

According to multiple news reports, a woman in her 20s and her two-year-old child were injured after a shooting in the Harvard Park area of South Los Angeles on May 13. The location of the incident is within a half mile of Cheyenne’s house featured on the show.

The injured mother and child were in a black BMW when the shooting occurred, which was just after 3PM. There was also a man and another child in the car who were uninjured.

The toddler was reportedly “struck in the foot.” The woman was treated for a “stomach wound.” (Some sites said the woman was shot, but others just stated she was wounded or injured.) So far, the story is a perfect match.

According to police on the scene, three to four males approached the vehicle wearing hoodies. Shots were fired and then all the suspects ran off.

Footage from the scene — both from the air and on the ground — appears to show a black Toyota Prius in the middle of the road and inside the crime scene tape. That would make sense if it had been rear ended by the black BMW that was shot at.

Cheyenne Floyd shooting maybe? Prius on the scene

One witness said he heard “about nine shots” but later clarified that they were very rapid and said “there were at least nine shots.” Another witness told a reporter she heard six shots. A photo of the bullet-ridden car seems to show at least eight bullet holes on the passenger side. You will notice that all of the apparent bullet holes have been labeled with a letter of the alphabet, and the letters go all the way to “M,” which is the 13th letter:

Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd shooting maybe

Zach mentions on the episode that his door had to be pried open. You can see multiple marks along the passenger roof line of the BMW that could be the result of pry bar damage:

Maybe Cheyenne Floyd shooting scene

Aerial news video shows the injured toddler being carried into the hospital wearing just a diaper and shoes. The child looks similar to Ace:

Child shooting victim near Cheyenne Floyd's house

Here are multiple video reports on the shooting:

Inconsistencies between the stories

There were numerous inconsistencies when matching up the May Harvard Park shooting story to Cheyenne’s. At least two news sites were told that the woman was 25 years old, whereas Cheyenne would have been 29 at the time. CBS Los Angeles did a follow-up later (video included below) and they were told that the child who was injured was a 2-year-old girl. They added that there was a one-year-old boy in the back seat who was not injured. The video clip ends by stating that detectives believe the shooting was gang-related.

Cheyenne and Zach only talked about one assailant when police believed there were three to four suspects. I have to imagine that police on the scene got their information from the victims? Of course, Cheyenne and Zach could have been referencing just the actual shooter on the show.

The car that was shot at is a black BMW X4. Zach is an avid car guy with multiple vehicles, but I couldn’t match up the black BMW with anything from their social media accounts over the past few years. There is the white BMW X6 that Cheyenne purchased last year, but no black one. (If someone comes up with a photo or Teen Mom screen cap showing Cheyenne and/or Zach with a matching car, I will update this post.)

When Cheyenne is talking about the incident on the episode, we see a scene with broken window glass beside a black car as well as another scene with police in an area sealed off by crime scene tape. Those scenes do not match the scene from the Harvard Park shooting in May.

There is also a scene of Cheyenne being loaded into an ambulance on a stretcher featured in a Teen Mom: The Next Chapter preview clip. That scene was shot on a wide commercial street with a bank in the background, which also does not match the Harvard Park shooting scene.

Cheyenne Floyd ambulance

It makes sense that MTV might have to use stock footage for the scenes in which Cheyenne and Zach are recounting what happened, but the ambulance scene wouldn’t make sense unless it was not right after the shooting. (One very important question we don’t have an answer to is who recorded the ambulance video?)

While we’re on the topic of “not right after the shooting,” Cheyenne shared multiple posts in July about having surgery and not being able to talk about the reason. Obviously, that doesn’t match up with the May shooting in Harvard Park. However, it is possible that Cheyenne had her surgery later — perhaps due to complications from her injury. (That could line up with the ambulance footage being shot by MTV.)

There have been no further updates on the May Harvard Park shooting in the news, so I do not know if a suspect(s) was ever apprehended. That also means I am unable to research the court case.

We will continue to look into the shooting, as well as the court case, and will update when we know more. Meanwhile, you can follow along with the impact the shooting had on Cheyenne and her family with new episodes of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airing Tuesday nights at 8/7c.

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