TEEN MOM Why is ‘Pray for Javi’ circulating? Is he ok?

A worrying photo of Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin has been circulating with the words “pray for Javi,” which makes it seem like he’s in critical condition at the hospital. Is Javi okay?

Javi is thankfully doing just fine. According to his Instagram stories he was just in Las Vegas with friends having a wild time. Everyone seems to have partied so hard that they passed out.

The photo of Javi in a hospital on oxygen is real, but it’s also a bit fake. The image is from the WeTV show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (affiliate link *) Season 9 that aired in 2017.

Javi participated in the show with his ex Kail, and as part of the show, they had one member of the couple lay in the hospital bed looking like they were in grave shape. The other member had to read a letter to them that they had written before they knew what the challenge was going to be. Because Kail had written some negative things in her letter, she didn’t want to read it and tried to walk out.

They wouldn’t let Kail leave, so she stayed and cried over Javi while he lay there pretending to be comatose. Even though it wasn’t real, the activity really moved Kail and made her feel more emotionally connected to Javi.

Javi’s ex Kail is currently dating Elijah Scott. She revealed that she was dating someone new earlier this year while promoting vitamins. She later revealed Elijah in June.

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