TEEN MOM Why Leah Messer wants her own show

Leah Messer (MTV)

After a long time in the Teen Mom franchise, Leah Messer is arguing that she and her family deserve their own spinoff show focusing solely on them.

She is currently on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter with a cast that also includes Amber Portwood, Catelynn Baltierra, Cheyenne Floyd, Jade Cline, Leah Messer, Maci McKinney, Ashley Jones, and Briana DeJesus.

Her reasoning for wanting a show featuring only her family? Leah believes that they can send a message of perseverance against challenging times and to send a message to prevent teen pregnancy.

“I think after putting in 13 years, staying dedicated, and sharing the toughest moments of our lives.. My little fam wants our own show/special or something,” Leah Messer wrote in a recent Instagram comment shared by @teenmomfanz

“At least showing where we are as a family today despite the challenges that came with becoming a Mom so young. & I’ll still advocate for young girls to pursue their dreams and prevent teen pregnancy. 👏 ❤️”

Leah first made her appearance on Teen Mom 2, which debuted in January, 2011. Although that was 12 years ago, Leah’s been involved for 14 years because she started filming for the show in 2009 when she was pregnant with twins at age 17.

Leah had only dated her boyfriend at the time, Corey Simms, for a month prior to discovering they were expecting twins. Their children, Aliannah “Ali” and Aleeah were born December 16, 2009.

She also has a daughter, Adalynn “Addie,” with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, who she was married to from 2012 to 2015. Addie was born February 4, 2013 and is currently 10 years old.

Leah has recently split from her ex-fiancé Jaylan Mobley, and then teased that she might start an OnlyFans account. So far, that venture has not materialized.

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