90 DAY FIANCÉ Are Nicole and Mahmoud still married? Is Nicole still in Egypt?

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way‘s Nicole Sherbiny has had a rough time adjusting to living with Egypt and getting along with her husband Mahmoud El Sherbiny. Is Nicole is still with Mahmoud and living in Egypt?

Nicole and Mahmoud were already married when they started shooting the first episode of Season 4. Nicole was preparing to leave her life in Los Angeles behind to permanently live with her husband Mahmoud, but she had a lot of reservations about moving to Egypt and joining the Muslim faith.

The minute Nicole landed in Egypt to be, she was anxious about adjusting to her new lifestyle and Mahmoud expressed his fear that she would leave. He also immediately commented on her clothing, which deeply upset her.

A huge part of Nicole’s identity is tied up in fashion, but Mahmoud discourages her from wearing the clothes she wants to wear. She’s also been frustrated by the lack of chance for her to make friends in Egypt. She’s told that being with Mahmoud’s family should be enough.

At Nicole’s insistence, she was allowed to meet some of Mahmoud’s male friends for dinner, but the experience was incredibly awkward and not the type of social experience Nicole’s used to having in the United States.

Nicole feels lonely and bored when Mahmoud leaves for work because she has “nothing” to do.

They have a business idea to help ease the conflict between them about clothes. Nicole wants to work with Mahmoud with a business for designing modest clothing that she would actually want to wear.

While she doesn’t have a problem dressing modestly, she doesn’t plan to ever wear a hijab ever again. She says that it was very hot and uncomfortable when she wore it for a year. Worse than that, she felt like she betrayed herself in wearing it.

The couple also argued about Nicole’s insistence that Mahmoud had no problem with her wearing short sleeves while she was in the United States. He claims that she always wore long sleeves when she video-chatted with him at the time. Nicole claims that he had no problem with it at the time.

Mahmoud put down an ultimatum that Nicole couldn’t be with him if she didn’t comply with his strict rules around what she wears.

These fights leave Nicole feeling unwanted and confused, and she’s ashamed because they fight so much in front of Mahmoud’s mother.

After they had a big fight on camera where Mahmoud said he didn’t want to be with her and stormed off, Nicole said that she thought that Mahmoud didn’t want her, but instead an ideal version of a wife.

When he returned, Nicole was packing to leave. After a lot of fighting, Mahmoud apologized and she decided to not leave Egypt, and to instead go with Mahmoud to pitch their business idea to Mahmoud’s uncle.

The uncle liked the business idea, but was disappointed that Nicole wasn’t wearing the hijab. He told Mahmoud that it was his responsibility to teach Nicole to wear to the hijab, and teach her how to pray.

When they went home, Mahmoud taught her how to pray. She had to wash herself first and wear a hijab. Nicole was impressed by Mahmoud’s praying and found it to be beautiful.

After praying, though, things took a turn when Nicole joked about wearing a bikini when they go swimming. One of Nicole’s favorite things to do is swim, but she really dislikes the swimsuit he makes her wear.

In the end, Nicole defiantly shed the head-covering part of the swimwear because she felt so strongly against wearing a hijab.

Even though Nicole wasn’t wearing the hijab, Mahmoud was kind to her and they had a nice scene swimming. When the cameras weren’t rolling, however, Mahmoud said something passive aggressive, according to Nicole.

Cameras caught Mahmoud storming out of the hotel where they went swimming, and they had a verbal fight in the street.

Mahmoud said that if he had an Egyptian wife, she wouldn’t be allowed to yell at him in public. Meanwhile, Nicole told the camera that she felt trapped and that Mahmoud said harsh things to her in private.

“I just don’t have anything left in me at the moment,” Nicole said. Before Mahmoud, she had been single for ten years and she’s used to not answering to anyone, let alone a man 10 years her junior from a different culture.

With all of these troubles, this relationship seems to be in danger. However, according their social media accounts, everything is well between Nicole and Mahmoud.

For Valentine’s Day 2023, Nicole posted a loving tribute to her husband on Instagram.

via Nicole Sherbiny/Instagram

More recently, Mahmoud posted a birthday tribute to Nicole featuring an older picture from before she converted to Islam.

Via Mahmoud El Sherbiny/Instagram

For now, at least, it looks like Nicole and Mahmoud are making their relationship work. But, as we all know, nice words on social media never portray the whole picture.

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