WHO TF DID I MARRY? Reesa and Legion’s first date: Tire change and Cheesecake Factory

Reesa Tessa

Reesa and Legion agreed to go to the Cheesecake Factory on March 7, 2020. She was excited for the date, and hope that she wasn’t being Catfished.

On the way to her date, her tire blew out. She called Legion and let him know, and he immediately came to the rescue.

Reese’s first impression when he got out of his car was that he looked like his pictures, which was a relief for her. Legion also straight away started helping her with her tire.

He changed the tire, then purchased her a new one.

The Cheesecake Factory Date

They held hands while walking to the Cheesecake Factory, and Reesa had butterflies. There was a long wait, so they sat outside and continues to have a long conversation.

Legion shared that he was 42-years-old and wanted to get married. He said his parents were married for over 40 years and he wanted something like that. Legion said that he was hurt from being cheated on in the past and wanted something that would last. This was exactly what Reesa wanted to hear.

Reesa wanted to marry her best friend and start a family. She describes the whole date as a “good vibe.” At the end of the date they sat in his car and he played a John Legend song “A Good Night” that includes the lyrics “I think I met my wife tonight.” Reesa thought this was a sign.

They continued talking in the car until Midnight, and Legion talked about playing football, including Arena football. He said that the team that he was a part of won a championship for the few years he was there.

He said that he worked at Apple “in the IT area,” but it was in the store. Reesa said at the time, she didn’t pay much attention to this distinction.

Reesa asked Legion a lot about his ex-wife because she wanted to know if he was still having trouble getting over her. She also opened up about her exes, and she explained that she had once dated someone she currently works with.

Legion didn’t seem to mind that, but Reesa informed her audience that this would come back later. She had always promised herself that she would never live with a man without being married to him.

When Legion moved in, he started paying Reese’s household bills, including the rent, which was less than $1,000.

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