Christine Brown’s getting married today? Wedding registry confirms Oct. 7 date

In early September Christine announced that her wedding was about six weeks away. Today, October 7th, is the date listed on her wedding registry, so she may be marrying David Woolley right now.

Christine Brown’s social media is silent, which makes sense if she’s under contract with TLC and/or media outlets. Mykelti has shared on Patreon that the wedding will be filmed by TLC.

Will her sister wives attend?

While it seems obvious that Janelle Brown will definitely be in attendance, whether Meri and her child Leon will be there or not is unclear. It’s probably safe to say that Robyn, Kody and their children won’t attend, but they could surprise us.

There’s been evidence on social Janelle’s children Maddie and Logan are traveling this weekend, so if the wedding is happening, it’s safe to say that they’ll be there. All of Janelle’s children will probably attend if they can make it as they see Christine as mother figure in their lives.

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