1000 LB SISTERS Amy had a COVID crisis after 2nd son Glenn’s birth

Amy Slaton-Halterman filmed the birth of her 2nd son Glenn for the 4th season of TLC’s 1,000 LB Sisters, and during their hospital stay the family went through a COVID crisis that shook Amy to the core.

At the end of episode 5 (titled “Greatest Since Sliced Bread”) Amy went to the hospital for a schedule C-section

Amy and Michael’s first son Gage stayed at Michael’s mom’s house while Amy and Michael went to the hospital in the early morning hours.

Amy worried about how she was going to be able to get enough sleep when she has two young babies at home. Amy and her family were also worried about Amy’s delivery because she was a high-risk pregnancy. Along with the gastric bypass surgery, Amy also has diabetes and high blood pressure.

Her brother Chris was concerned because Amy didn’t wait very long after her weight loss surgery to have her first child, and followed up with her second soon afterwards.

By 10 a.m. her family hadn’t heard any updates from the hospital. Thankfully, their worries were unfounded and Amy successfully gave birth to baby Glenn. He weighed 5 lb. 11 oz. and was healthy. Amy’s surgery went great and had no complications.

Soon after Glenn’s birth, his aunt Tammy Facetimed to see him. She had recently dropped a large amount of weight in rehab. Her high weight had been 717 lbs. but she had been able to drop down to 534. While on the call with Amy she announced that she’d shed two more pounds.

“B!tch, I just had a child pulled from my belly and you’re talking about ‘Ooh, I lost two pounds,'” Amy complains. “Today is not about you and your two pounds. It’s about my son. It’s his birthday. Get your act together b!tch. Come home to these kids.”

Still, Amy’s happy that her sister Tammy is alive and has been approved for weight loss surgery. “I’m so glad that Tammy’s alive to meet Glenn,” Amy says. Tammy has been through a lot of life-threatening health struggles over the years.

Amy feels like she has her dream family now, and was happy to have Michael there to help care for Glenn while she recovered from surgery.

Amy’s brother Chris is extremely proud of Amy for achieving her dream of becoming a mother with the help of weight loss. A few years ago she was over 400 lbs. and struggling with her fertility.

Unfortunately, Amy and Michael’s blissful moment with their newborn was overshadowed when Michael starting feeling ill.

He then tested positive for COVID, which meant he had to immediately leave the hospital and Amy and Glenn had to isolate because they could potentially have COVID as well.

Amy and Glenn then had to go stay with her sister Amanda until Michael was no longer contagious. “Doing this by myself is hard,” Amy says in a tearful self-filmed confessional video. She’s distraught about not being able to see Michael for “a long time.”

Before this, she has only ever spent one other night away from Michael since they started dating. She had to stay away from Michael for 10 days to protect herself and Glenn from getting infected.

Amy was also very worried that her newborn baby could get COVID. Thankfully Amy and Glenn both tested negative for COVID.

Amy was grateful for being able to go to her sister’s house to quarantine away from Michael, but she really just wanted to go home to her own bed. She even confessed to Amanda through tears that she missed her bed more than she missed Michael.

Thankfully Michael was able to recover from COVID with no complications, and soon he was able to reunite with his wife and sons.

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