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SUPER SIZED SALON Jamie Lopez says she was kidnapped and held at gunpoint, stolen from while bed bound

Jamie Lopez of Super Sized Salon was over 800 pounds and bedbound at her highest weight. This is already a terrible state to be in, but now Jamie’s revealing that while she was immobile she was kidnapped, held at gunpoint, stolen from, and otherwise taken advantage of. She’s published the details of her harrowing ordeal in a new book titled Big Fat Lies. (affiliate link*)

SUPER SIZED SALON Jamie Lopez lost 400 pounds in a year, her highest weight was 846

Jamie Lopez is the owner of Baby Doll Beauty Couture, a Las Vegas, NV salon that caters to plus-sized women, and the star of a new series about her salon’s re-opening on WEtv called Super Sized Salon.

When we are introduced to Jamie on this premiere episode, we learn that she hasn’t left her house in two years, or her bed in one year. During that time, Jamie was able to lose 400 pounds in a single year by following the keto diet and exercising. Her highest weight was 846 pounds, and Jamie says she felt like a prisoner at that weight.