CRIME: Married cop falsely arrested girlfriend to frame her as crazy because she wanted to leave him

Ronald Keith Davis cop arreste girlfriend crazy

The above man is Ronald Keith Davis, a married Pennsylvanian cop who misused his power by strangling (but not killing) his girlfriend Michelle Perfanov while arresting her in an attempt to make her look crazy.

“I know you’re not crazy. I’ll paint you as crazy,” Michelle said he told her before the brutal arrest, where he choked her in order to keep her under his control. 

According to Kimberly, Ronald, who is married with kids, exploded when she told him that she wanted to move away and start her life over. 

After an argument, he kicked her out of the camper she was living in on his property. He then locked her in a storage shed.

Before attempting to arrest her while he was off duty, he had tried to get his colleagues to get an involuntary commitment petition for Michelle. When that didn’t work, he left and said he’d “do it himself.”

According to the Daily Voice, he sent her a text that read: “You’re done. F**k around and find out. Get out of my house now.”

Video footage of the forceful arrest was taken by one of Ronald’s friends and can be seen below:

“I’ve lived all over the world, and not one time has anyone ever come up and tackled me, attacked me, and called the cops on me for simply existing in the woods,” Michelle says while Ronald is sitting on top of her on the ground.

He and a friend had tracked her down in Weiser State Forest, which is where Ronald forcibly arrested her. 

In the footage, he proceeds to forcibly handle her, including choking her to keep her under his physical control. 

Ronald was able to get Michelle involuntarily committed for five days under the Mental Health Procedures Act by using his Pennsylvania State Trooper email to submit the form. 

During her hold, doctors found that Kimberly was not as mentally unstable as Ronald had claimed. He submitted some trouble text messages as proof that she wanted to harm herself, but it was determined that she was being extreme in those messages to get attention. 

On September 21, 2023, Ronald K. Davis was charged with the following: felony strangulation, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and official oppression.