LOVE IS BLIND Renee and Carter went to the altar, got cut from the show

Renee and Carter Love is Blind

In Season 5 of Love is Blind, Renee Poche and Carter Wall got engaged and were filmed all the way to the altar, but their relationship was cut from the show. What happened?

Renee and Carter weren’t actually cut from the show itself. Renee offered a lot of fun quips throughout filming, including the revelation that Stacy wanted to serve p00p cookies to Johnnie.

While we don’t know all the details of what happened, marriage records show that Renee and Carter filed for a marriage license on May 18, 2022. They have no marriage date, which indicates that they didn’t follow through with the marriage.

Renee then married someone else on March 28, 2023.

Below is a screen shot of the records showing that while Renee and Carter filed for a marriage licence, it was never returned and shows a default filler wedding date likely needed for the computer system (01/01/1900.)

Her second filing does show that the license was returned and has a wedding date a few weeks after the filing. 

Renee Poche Love is Blind marriage certificate

Filming for Love Is Blind season 5 happened in the spring of 2022, and wrapped in early June. Renee and Carter likely went to the retreat with the rest of the cast. There was not much group footage shown from the getaway this season, so that might explain that.

Here’s some evidence that Renee was at the vacation with the group. Today, she posted this photo on her Instagram stories of herself at the beach with the Love is Blind signature metal drinkware.

Renee on Love is Blind Mexico getaway

When Renee and Carter showed up at the group barbecue back in Houston, they were billed as “Pod Squad.”

I’m personally disappointed that Renee and Carter didn’t film, as Renee’s personality stood out in the small clips we see of her on the show.

UPDATE – Take this with a grain of salt, but someone claiming to be Carter’s friend left some comments on a Reddit thread claiming that Renee and Carter did get engaged, went to Mexico, had a wedding, and moved in together. 

The poster also claimed that Carter & Renee’s relationship was “juicy,” but didn’t much information aside from saying they attended their wedding. The poster didn’t know why they broke up, and referenced the fact that Renee later married someone else, as we mentioned above. 

Their marriage license was never returned, so even if they had a wedding, they never got legally married.