SUPER SIZED SALON Jamie Lopez says she was kidnapped and held at gunpoint, stolen from while bed bound

Jamie Lopez of Super Sized Salon was over 800 pounds and bedbound at her highest weight. This is already a terrible state to be in, but now Jamie’s revealing that while she was immobile she was kidnapped, held at gunpoint, stolen from, and otherwise taken advantage of. She’s published the details of her harrowing ordeal in a new book titled Big Fat Lies. (affiliate link*)

Jamie, who owns Baby Doll Beauty Couture in Las Vegas, Nevada, a salon built for bigger women, share some of her personal story recently on Instagram along with some photos from the most difficult time of her life.

In the post she alleges that when she was so sick that she couldn’t move people she calls “snakes” took advantage of her in many ways. Along with being stolen from and held at gunpoint, Jamie says she was also cheated on when she was close to death.

“If you knew how many obstacles I have overcame to make it to this place I’m currently at you would be proud of me❤️ I have been kidnapped held gun point in my own home, I was sick I couldn’t move, I had to depend on the Snakes 🐍 that were around me ….Ive been used and abused and left for dead 💀 I was too sick to take care of my own self !! and people saw that as an opportunity to steal and take everything i had . I’ve been Cheated on and heartbroken by a man who was supposed to love me while I was on my death bed 🛏 … This dream is personal to me and I have fought to the death to see it shine ✨ thank you all who have purchased my book Big Fat Lies.. I hope my story inspires you to keep going no matter what !!!!! because you are worth it.
This dream is for you dolls!! 💕💕💕💕 I love and thank you for supporting me when I had no one … your kind words and messages kept me Fighting I am forever grateful xoxo 💋”

In the introduction to Jamie’s book Big Fat Lies. (affiliate link*) Jamie reveals that she’s “still trying to shake a man who I know is using me for an opportunity.” She says that she’s staying with this man even though she knows the relationship isn’t real because she needs and crave the attention he gives her. Could this be her boyfriend Demarco, who’s featured on the WEtv reality show?

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