Did Doja Cat really say you’d get money if you post ocean sounds on TikTok?

There are massive amount of videos popping up on TikTok for you pages (fyp) of people claiming that Doja Cat promised money to appear in their bank accounts by September 1, 2022 if they used an ocean sounds audio for a video. If you go to Doja Cat’s TikTok page, however, she doesn’t appear to be promoting this. Did Doja Cat really say this?

As of right now, August 29, 2022, no one has been able to track down a video of Doja Cat herself actually saying this. This trend seems to have started in the money manifestation community with @marisamindset in a now-deleted video.

As YouTuber Usi reports, Marisa posted “May an extra $3,111 find you by August 31.”

Tiktoker @stinkisscorpio reposted this video. Marisa Mindset is on the right, and the TikTok features the “Beach Waves Sounds – Ocean Sounds & Sea Waves Sounds & Ocean Waves” sound.


#duet with @marisamindset #claim

♬ Beach Waves Sounds – Ocean Sounds & Sea Waves Sounds & Ocean Waves

At some point, an unknown person connected Doja Cat’s name to the manifestation trend, which rocketed its virality. Now, people are saying they are posting the ocean sounds “just in case” because they trust Doja Cat. As stated above, however, there is no evidence that Doja Cat started or endorsed this trend, and also no scientific evidence to suggest that manifestation works. Having dreams and clear goals, however, can be an effective way to help you achieve the things you want in life. Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed to anyone

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