Megan Cassidy claims positive drug test was faked for reality show Preachers’ Daughters

Megan Cassidy, a case tmember of the former Lifetime show Preachers’ Daughters, claimed on TikTok that producers faked a positive drug test.

“When I hand the cup over to mom I’m thinking ‘This is it. This is just not gonna be a good situation,” Megan says in the clip from the show that aired in 2015.

The results came back positive during the scene, but Megan now says that it was actually negative. According to Megan, the crew allegedly got a worker from a hotel they were staying at to help them get a positive test for the show.

When her parents confront her about the test her dad yells at her, “You’re obviously on drugs. You’re obviously up to illegal activities.” They also compare her to her older brother Zac, who struggled with addiction.

Here’s a clip of the scene:

Here’s Megan’s TikTok about the scene:



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Of course, what we see on reality TV is usually very controlled and produced. Often the storylines are rehearsed, planned, and altered to fit with certain narratives, but it seems harsh to make a teen pretend to have a positive drug test and be chastised by their parents on television to fit a dramatic storyline.

In another TikTok Megan, who appeared on seasons 2 and 3, says that season 3 was her least favorite season. She says she had no access to the internet, social media, or even books and would call her mom every day crying. She says she stuck with it because her parents instilled in her the belief that you have to stick with things that you’ve committed to. She is happy, though, to have met her friend Kayla during Season 3.


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Megan is currently thriving and has gotten a doctorate degree.

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