PLATHVILLE This is why Olivia feels traumatized by Kim

On tonight’s episode of Welcome to Plathville Olivia Plath finally explained in detail how she was traumatized by her mother-in-law Kim Plath.

Olivia was prodded to open up by her brother-in-law Micah during a trip to Jamaica. As part of their trip, Olivia, Ethan, Moriah, and Micah visited a Rasta community where they were given a message of peace and love. Micah wanted to know if the message spoke to Olivia.

While the Plath kids appreciated relating to the message from their own religious background, Olivia felt it was too close to the religious message from her childhood.

Micah confronted Olivia because he wanted to know why Olivia doesn’t like his parents. Moriah also let her know that going forward, everyone in the Plath family was going to be invited to family events, including her mom Kim. She also told Olivia that Ethan needed to feel supported as he rebuilds relationships with his parents.

They also invited Olivia to come to a river trip with the family. Moriah let Olivia know that she still loves Olivia and her love with Olivia doesn’t have anything to do with how she feels about her family. Olivia quickly ended the conversation.

Olivia later apologized to Micah and Moriah for shutting down the conversation in Jamaica. She also started crying and apologized to Moriah for her behavior at their brother Joshua’s gravesite.

Micah tried to tell Olivia that Kim has changed so much, but Olivia said that she’s still struggling in supporting the Plath children in their relationship. She said she felt like she was supporting from an empty bucket.

Micah and Moriah pointed out that they didn’t need Olivia’s support, they just wanted more understanding and for it to be okay that they were choosing to get closer to their mom. Micah called Olivia’s boundary with Kim a “grudge,” which made Olivia want to clarify that she wasn’t holding a grudge against Kim.

Olivia didn’t truly open up with her story, however, until prodded by a producer during an interview segment.

Olivia said she first met Kim when she was 16, and Kim kind of latched on to her and took her under her wing. Olivia says she desperately wanted a mother figure because her own mom wasn’t nurturing. She trusted Kim more than her own mother, and felt overlooked because her family had ten kids. Kim was calling and emailing Olivia every day during this time, and made her feel important.

“I just really needed to feel important to someone,” Olivia says. When the producer asks Olivia if she loved Kim, Olivia scrunches up her face to hold back tears and nods yes.

The producer asks Olivia what changed, and Olivia says that the turning point was when she realized she was “just being used.” This is when she reveals that when she first married Ethan she found out Kim was using Ethan’s credit cards to buy stuff for herself but didn’t pay him back.

Olivia says the started to feel that she was only of value to Kim if she did what Kim wanted her to do. Kim had locked Ethan out of his credit card account, so Olivia changed the password. Their first big fight was when Olivia refused to give Kim the password.

“It went from like ‘I love you so much’ to ‘You have the devil in you,'” Olivia says. “And it kind of changed over night.”

During her conversation with Moriah, Micah, and Ethan, Olivia asked them to call her on her stuff when she’s putting walls up. She later expressed that she felt like her back was against the wall in this situation because she still doesn’t feel right about hanging around Kim, but she feels like she will hurt the Plath kids if she doesn’t.

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