LONGEST THIRD DATE Matt Robertson and Khani Le Update

Netflix’s Longest Third Date is like a self-filmed version of Married at First Sight. The situation itself is extremely unique and almost unbelievable.

NYC’s Khani Le and Matt Robertson clicked pretty well during their first date after connecting on the dating app Hinge. It went so well, in fact, that they met up for a second time, and this time Matt brought his friend Mike.

Matt had big plans for their third date, plans that were a huge risk because the world had just learned about the COVID-19 outbreak. While other people were panic-buying toilet paper, Matt and Khani decided to board a plane and fly to Costa Rica for a week. That week ended up lasting almost three months and gave them a chance to really get to know each other.

Once they arrived in Costa Rica, Khani was disappointed to find out that Matt was a vlogger who went by “Movie Matt” on YouTube.

During their first two dates she noticed he was hyper fixated on taking photos of their food, but that’s fairly common. But Matt takes vlogging pretty seriously and had a lot of equipment to capture their adventure. He has a GoPro, a drone, and seems to have some good microphones because the audio quality of what he captured was great.

As coronavirus infections soared in NYC, they felt relatively safe in their corner of paradise and Matt patted himself on the back for making a good decision.

It was a fun time, but it turned into a scary time when they found out their flight home had been cancelled and the border to the U.S. was closed.

For the next few months, Matt and Khani lived together in Costa Rica traveling from one AirBNB to the next while they waited for a chance to fly home. The uncertainty during this time was frightening. They didn’t know when they were going to go home or if they could get along until they would be able to fly home. Khani had a tense few days where she worried if she was pregnant.

Thankfully, they meshed well together given he circumstances and they both appreciated how thoughtful and kind they were towards each other.

Looking back, Matt believes that if they had not gone to Costa Rica for their third date, they wouldn’t still be together. He thinks that because they would have had to keep connecting via text and Zoom they would have naturally drifted apart during the pandemic.

Khani was reluctant to make a commitment because she had had such bad experiences with men in the past, but as time wore on she felt connected to Matt.

Eventually, Matt published a vlog to his YouTube channel about their incredible circumstances and it quickly blew up into a story about a quarantine romance. During an interview about the situation, Matt said that Khani was his girlfriend without consulting her.

Khani was angry about this oversight for a while, but eventually she agreed to be Matt’s official girlfriend. Khani and Matt definitely have different approaches to social media and how they want to publicly talk about their private life. Matt’s Instagram is open but Khani’s is private.

The viral vlog he put up is now gone from his YouTube channel, and he hasn’t posted on it in two years.

Once they were finally able to return home, Matt and Khani kept their relationship going and moved in together the following month.

Are Matt and Khani still together?

The couple recently appeared on the Tamron Hall show to share that their relationship is still going strong three years later.

Matt stated that they were still living together and had even started a family. Khani immediately clarified: “We’re dog parents.”

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