Is Gabbie Hanna ok? She let a stranger into her house during a potentially manic episode

In the past 24 hours musician and social media creator Gabbie Hanna has put out over 150 rambling TikTok videos that are leaving viewers worried about her safety and mental health. On the morning of August 24, 2022, Gabbie let a random stranger into her home, which worsens people’s concerns about her safety.

After being away from social media for a couple of weeks Gabbie returned to TikTok yesterday is what many observers describe as a manic state. She’s posted dozens of videos and went live at least once.

Some of the things she has claimed in this short period are: she is the mother of God and that she went to heaven during the brief period she was asleep and came back to save the world. She has also made a couple of videos denying transgender identities and shared some troubling stereotypes about black people during her livestream. In another troubling video, she claimed that women who have difficult pregnancies and births are to blame for not taking good enough care of their bodies.

Most of what she has said makes little sense, however, and spirals into even more incomprehensible ramblings. She is fixated on religion and symbolism, and the idea of birth. She had one theory involving the information printed on a Twix wrapper, connecting it to her research on the work “prodigal.”

During all of this Gabbie has been visited by police at least once for a wellness check, but they left without incident unless there was a final police visit that ended differently. Gabbie claimed that the wellness check was called in by a neighbor because she was screaming in her yard.

The people in the comments are begging Gabbie to talk to someone she knows about all of these flights of thoughts and feelings. She responded at one point by calling in her housekeeper Delilah to ask if she felt afraid around Gabbie. The housekeeper appeared on camera and smiled, affirming that she was not afraid of Gabbie or scared for her. Gabbie also asked Deliliah if she trusted her and loved her. Delilah answered yes to both questions and said that Gabbie was “blessed.” Gabbie then promised to make Delilah a sandwich after she went to the store, but it’s unclear if she ever made it to the store.

All of this is concerning behavior and may be signs that she is struggling right now. No matter what is going on with Gabbie, hopefully, she is able to get some much-needed rest and treatment.

UPDATE: Around 6 a.m. PT Gabbie posted another video revealing that a police officer had woken her from sleeping. She says she’s posting this TikTok reporting that she’s okay because she promised the officer she would do so.

UPDATE 2: At around 9 a.m. Gabbie Hanna let a stranger into her house and started posting TikTok dances with him. The comments identified him as @p.ui_, and he is also documenting being in Gabbie house on his TikTok. His very first TikTok was from last night at a club, and after that, all of his TikToks have been about going to Gabbie’s house.

Gabbie has identified his first name as “Nick.”

In one of his TikToks he asks for advice about how to help her because he doesn’t know what to do.

UPDATE 3: Gabbie posted a video confronting Nick about allegedly lying about not knowing who she was. At the time he was looking at a bottle of her medication. She then starts screaming at him to “get the f**k out of my house.”

UPDATE 4: Nick uploaded TikToks and did live streams about his time in Gabbie’s house. One of his videos shows that he got in because he knocked on her door and asked to use the restroom. She was very nice and accommodating to him and let him stay and make TikToks with her until she realized that he knew who she was and kicked him out.

Nick insisted that his intentions were to somehow help Gabbie, but it should be noted that this was still not a safe situation for either of them.

There have been unsubstantiated reports that Gabbie has received medical help after the police and an ambulance appeared at her house after Nick left. Gabbie’s last posted TikTok has text asking for prayers because someone just broke into her house. It’s unclear if this was a new breaking, or if she was referring to Nick’s breaking. At the time of this writing this TikTok was posted 17 hours ago and Gabbie has not posted since.

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