WHO TF DID I MARRY? How Reesa and Legion/Jerome met, employment history

In a 51-part series that has captivated TikTok and racked of hundred of millions of video, Reesa Teesa (@reesamteesa) detailed how she “met, married, dated, and divorced a real pathological liar.”

She began the series with an intro explaining that she was also going to make herself look bad as she told the story.

She said she’s just a regular woman who thought she met “The One,” but she didn’t.

Reesa made a distinction between a pathological liar and a compulsive lair. She says that the difference is that a pathological liar doesn’t have a reason for their lies.

Reesa met her ex-husband Jerome McCoy, who she eventually calls “Legion” in the series, on March 4, 2020.

How did Reesa and her ex-husband meet?

It all started on Facebook’s dating site, but they had also matched on Hinge, where Legion was going by a nickname and used a different picture.

What did Legion tell Reesa he did for a living?

At the time Reesa was working for the state patrol, which Legion was impressed by.

In their first phone call Legion told Reesa that he had just moved from San Diego, CA to Atlanta, GA, where he was transferred as a region manager for a major condiment company. He said that his job would pay for his housing and that he was currently looking for a house in the Atlanta suburbs. At the time, he said he was staying in the city.

Legion also shared that he played Arena Football, which was something Reesa knew nothing about at the time. During the off-season, Legion said he worked for Apple.

What Legion shared about his family

He said he’d grown up in Philadelphia and both of his parents had died. His father was police officer, his mom was a teacher. He had two sisters and four brothers, two of which were half-siblings on his dad’s side.

Legion said that had once lived in Georgia before, in Augusta, with his family.

Legion talked so much during their first phone call that it took Reesa by surprised because she wasn’t used to men talking so much. Eventually, Legion asked Reesa to go on a date.

Legion was divorced

In their first phone call Legion told Reesa that he had been married before and that she had two children, a boy and a girl, who were both adults now. He said he currently had a close relationship with his step-kids.

According to Legion, they divorced because the ex-wife cheated on him, and coming to Georgia was a fresh start for him because the ex-wife and kids were still in California.

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