Author: Violeta Idyll

THE ULTIMATUM Who is April Marie’s new boyfriend Cody Cooper?

Although April Marie Melohn’s relationship with Jake Cunningham imploded as a result of the couple appearing on the new Netflix show The Ultimatum, April said at the reunion that she was grateful for the experience because it helped her meet her current boyfriend. She’s only been in the relationship for a few months, but reports that she’s “never been more happy or felt more loved.” On Instagram, April revealed who her new boyfriend is: a real estate broker and vape vending machine owner named Cody Cooper.


TRUE CRIME The Turpin children went from one house of horrors to another

The nightmare for the 13 Turpin children wasn’t over when they were rescued from their parents’ house of torture in January 2018. All children were traumatized and woefully unprepared for the world, including the adults, but the minor children still needed caregivers. Now we have learned that five of the minor children were transferred to the home of a predator where two of the children were sexually abused, and another child not related to the Turpins was given sleeping pills and forced to stand for hours as punishment.


Why Lindsay Lohan moved to Dubai

In 2014 Lindsay Lohan relocated from the United States to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Although she still travels to the U.S. and other countries for work, her permanent residence remains in Dubai. Why did she make this change, and what does it mean for her life?

DATELINE Hit List – Cop Valerie Cincinelli tried to get her boyfriend to kill her husband

John DiRubba says he fell in love at first sight with NYPD police officer Valerie Cincinelli, who was 20 years his junior. The fact that she was married didn’t bother him because Valerie told John her husband Isaiah Carvalho was a bad guy. Things escalated to devastating levels when Valerie tried to convince John DiRubbia to hire a hitman to kill her husband.


THERANOS The story behind Elizabeth Holmes’ Errol Morris commercial

In 2012 Theranos hired the renowned marketing firm TBWA/Chiat/Day on a retainer of $6 million, which soon increased to $11 million. The company still did not have a working product after a decade of work and hundreds of millions of dollars spent. Still, Theranos decided to advertise to the masses what was essentially a fairytale: the notion that they could run hundreds of blood tests on a single drop (or just a few drops) of blood. As part of their work together, Elizabeth Holmes, the company’s founder, was front and center in the media and starred in a bizarre, yet hypnotizing, commercial shot by celebrated documentary film director Errol Morris (Thin Blue Line, Gates of Heaven, Tabloid, Vernon, Florida.

THERANOS The suicide of scientist Ian Gibbons right before deposition

Ian Gibbons killed himself on May 16, 2013, after a series of disastrous experiences at the fallen sci-tech company that was actually more sci-fi. Before becoming the chief scientist of Theranos in 2005, Ian had spent 30 years working developing diagnostic and therapeutic products, including at the company Biotrack. His specialty was immunoassays, which are tests that look for molecules in a substance like blood or other body fluids. This is exactly what Theranos was purporting to do, so his expertise should have been invaluable.

BAD VEGAN The ‘meat suit’ explained

When the trailer for Netflix’s documentary series on the demise of raw vegan fine dining restaurant Pure Food and Wine called Bad Vegan dropped, a highlight was the seemingly shocking notion of a “meat suit,” which had never been mentioned before in the media in the context of Sarma Melngailis and Anthony Strangis. Not only did Anthony bring down Pure Food and Wine by gambling away all the money, but he also convinced Sarma that he was an immortal black ops C.I.A agent who had met her in past lifetimes and wanted to help her live forever too. Taking into account that Pure Food and Wine was a vegan restaurant, the idea of a “meat suit” being part of the mix further excites the imagination. This has to be spicy.

CHIPPENDALES, PLAYBOY and the murder of Dorothy Stratten

Chippendales was born in 1979 from a West Hollywood club called “Destiny II” owned by Somen ‘Steve’ Banerjee and Bruce Nahinwned when promoter Paul Snider suggested that they have an all-male strip revue. Destiny II’s owners were trying anything to attract attention to their club, so they decided to try out Paul’s idea. He was inspired by an all-male strip club in Canada that catered to gay men. His idea, however, was to have an all-male show for women. Paul’s idea turned into an international sensation but ended in murder and mayhem for him.

Inside Apple ‘iPhone designer’ Ana Arriola’s short stint at Theranos

After Ana Arriola left Theranos they’ve gone on to work with Meta (Facebook,) Sony, Samsung, Playstation, and Microsoft. At the time they started working at Theranos, however, they’d made the bold decision to leave Apple and a whopping 15,000 shares of Apple stock. Once they came on to Theranos, they eventually realized that the product at the heart of Theranos, the Edison machine that Ana had been tasked with improving the design of, didn’t work. They were just one of many powerful and influential people duped by Elizabeth’s aggressive drive to succeed at any cost.