SISTER WIVES Gwen didn’t attend Christine’s wedding

Gwen Brown

Six of the 18 Brown children did not attend Christine Brown’s wedding on October 7, 2023. Although it’s not a shock that Robyn and Kody Brown’s five children didn’t attend, it is notable that Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn skipped the high-profile wedding.

Gwen did not appear in a group photo with the other Brown children, which included all of Janelle’s six children, five of Christine’s children, and Meri’s child Leon. Still, this wasn’t conclusive evidence that she didn’t attend the wedding at all.

Gwen’s sister Mykelti did confirm on her Patreon that Gwen didn’t attend on her Patreon account, and she was shocked by the absence.

“When she didn’t show up it was kind of a shock to me. I didn’t know that she wasn’t going to be there,” Mykelti said about the situation.

Why didn’t Gwen attend Christine’s wedding?

Mykelti isn’t the only person shocked by Gwen not attending her mother’s wedding: the Internet is awash in speculation over why she didn’t attend.

Many point to the fact that her brother Paedon did attend. Gwen has accused her brother of physical assault, and sees no way forward for a relationship with him.

The answer may be just as simple as she got sick and couldn’t attend.

It doesn’t appear that Meri Brown attended the wedding either.

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