SISTER WIVES Kody finally admits that Robyn is the love of his life on camera

It’s been clear to viewers and Kody Brown’s three estranged wives for years that Robyn is the love of his life, and that’s why he’s spent more time with her. In the past few years she has monopolized all of his time, but he was also sharing more time with her when the Brown family lived together in Las Vegas.

Kody’s rhetoric about the situation since COVID is that he spends more time with Robyn and her children because she’s the most loyal wife. He’s been reticent about his true feelings, and instead try to frame the situation through the rules of polygamy. Another example of this is when he told Christine that he could only love her if she were a better sister wife.

Meri has proven the flaw in this reasoning, as she’s been extremely loyal for years and has tried to maintain a relationship with the favored wife Robyn, but it’s mostly been for naught.

As Janelle Brown pointed out on last night’s episode (S18, E10,) Kody’s been living monogamously for years now.

Kody finally admitted the truth during a talking-head interview on the same episode. “My whole life seems to center around mine and Robyn’s household,” he says. Robyn keeps asking Kody to “fix” his relationships with Meri and Janelle, but he doesn’t feel “a flicker or a flame” around them.

“I’m married to the love of my life,” Kody admits. “I’ve got these other situations at different levels of discord. And, it’s hard to reconcile. I’ve got all this angst in our lives.”

At this point in their lives, Janelles seems perfectly happy being away from Kody and doesn’t want a relationship with either Meri or Robyn. She still holds her religious beliefs, so it’s hard for her to “divorce” Kody the way Christine did.

One day Christine just decided that they were divorced, and so they were, but Janelle feels that she needs to be “released” by their church, even though they are no longer a part of their former church. She’s also open to living the polygamous lifestyle with a different family.

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