LOVE IS BLIND Scientist Miriam has a skincare company that doesn’t sell skincare?

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On Love is Blind Season 5, 31-year-old Miriam Amah’s career is enigmatic. While chatting with Uche Okoroha about what she does, and where she lives, every sentence got more confusing than the last. She has a skincare line that doesn’t sell skincare? What does that even mean?

Miriam tells Uche she was born and raised in Nigeria. For college, she had a choice between the U.K. and the U.S., but chose the U.S. because she thought it had better education for medicine, which she wanted to get into at the time.

Her current occupation is “Scientist,” but she’s pretty evasive about what exactly she does as a scientist, or even where she lives. The meandering conversation she has with Uche while he tries to pin down what she does has us all scratching our heads.

Uche asked what kind of scientist she is, a pretty basic question, but Miriam just says that she’s worked in different industries.

She says she’s currently working in academic overseas, and when he asks where overseas, she replies with a vague “The Middle East,” not even naming a specific country.

She says she’ll be moving back to Houston “full time” soon. Then, when Uche asks when she’ll be moved back, she says she already has moved back.

Then, she says that sees her business “thriving.”

Of course, it’s understandable to ask what type of business, and she answers “skincare.” Uche asks if it’s dermatology, probably because she’s a scientist who almost studied medicine, but Miriam says it’s not dermatology.

When he asks if she sells skincare products, she says no to that too! So, what is she selling then?

All Miriam would reveal about her products is that they had “a distinct composition,” which led viewers to speculate that she was selling things like pheromones or bleaching cream.

What is Miriam’s skincare company?

It turns out that Miriam owns a company called Zach and Lucy that sells eco-friendly body butters and hand creams.

Comments on Zach and Lucy are confused about why she didn’t just say she sells lotions on the show, but maybe that was part of her plan: cryptic marketing. It certainly worked on me.

Technically, her products don’t look to be “dermatologically” formulated, so maybe that’s why she was hesitate to call her products “skincare.”

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