BELOW DECK Heather Chase is retiring from yachting

Heather Chase, who was the Chief Stew for Below Deck Season 9 is announcing her retirement from yachting. She revealed her big life change on Instagram where she shared that she was currently on her very last charter before embarking on a new career.

When I agreed to do this charter weeks ago I had no idea the crazy events that would unfold.. a new career presenting itself amidst what felt like chaos..,” Heather wrote.

Heather is going on this last charter with her boyfriend Daniel, who’s a boat captain. “It’s so perfect that my last charter before I officially retire these stripes is with YOU..🤍
One last hoorah!” she continued.

Heather wrote that being a Chief Stewardess was the first time she’s ever been proud of herself, but she’s extremely excited and proud about what’s coming next for her.

What that is, exactly, she’s not sharing yet. She did say that her goal is to become a charter guest instead of serving charter guests.

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