Author: Violeta Idyll

Christine Brown and her fiancé David eat nachos to shade Kody

Former polygamist Kody Brown was super disrespectful to his third wife Christine pretty much since the beginning. He even wrote in their book Becoming Sister Wives, (affiliate link) about he put off marrying her for a while because he was so grossed out by her eating nachos. Because of this popular Sister Wives lore, Christine’s new man David Woodley is sending a clear message by publicly indulging in the delicious snack on Christine’s birthday.

EVIL LIVES HERE Serial killer Wayne Adam Ford ex-wife says he pretended to be human

It’s hard to imagine how some people are capable of unspeaking crimes. In the case of serial killer Wayne Adam Ford, his ex-wife Kelly Pletcher saw him as something other than human.

Kelly decided to sit down for an Evil Lives Here episode (Season 9, Episode 4) titled “He Pretends to Be Human” to describe what it was like to live with a killer.

‘The Buccal’ Did Joan Crawford really get teeth pulled to change the look of her face?

Plastic surgery and other measures to change a person’s look or attempt to hold on to youth is nothing new in Hollywood. The only thing that’s changed is the advancement of science and technology. Classic Hollywood icon Joan Crawford is a notorious example of a celebrity who went to extreme measures to alter and keep her beauty. At this point, however, it’s difficult to tell the difference between reality and legend.