LOVE IS BLIND BOMBSHELLS Did Uche cheat on Lydia? Were they ever together?

This article contains spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 5, Episodes 1-7.

At the end of Episode 7 of Season 5 of Love is Blind Lydia revealed that Uche cheated on her, and pointed out that she felt it was hypocritical of Uche to criticize Aaliyah for her cheating, since he had more recently done it. In a new Instagram Q & A Uche (@abovethelaw) has a shocking comeback to Lydia’s accusations.

“He slept with a girl while he was dating with me,” Lydia said during an interview in Episode 7. “And then had the nerve to judge Aaliyah about her past.”

Not only does Uche deny cheating on Lydia, he also claims they were “never together.” As he goes on it seems to mean that they were never together as an exclusive couple, but he does say that they dated each other while dating other people.

On camera Uche has accused Lydia of going through his things, opening a drawer, and stalking women that he followed on Instagram, and drove by his house and sent him a picture of it with the message “I see you.” He also claims that he has proof from Instagram that Lydia followed him to the show.

He says it was “100% confirmed” that Lydia joined the show because he was going on it, and this is why he brought up Instagram in the first place.

Uche has no ill will towards Lydia, though, and wishes her the best in her life and relationships.

Uche dropped another bombshell in his Q & A: he also revealed that he and Aaliyah kissed and then started dating after their meeting on the show. He said that his voiceover saying that things were over was a “post-production soundbite.”

When asked where he stands with Aaliyah now, Uche replied that they’re “on good terms.”

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