PLATHVILLE Olivia denies stealing Moriah’s music and money

Last week on Welcome to Plathville, Moriah accused Olivia of stealing her music, and the money she made from it. This week, Olivia’s fighting back with a denial that she stole and an explanation of everything.

According to Olivia, when Moriah released her song “Missed Me” in L.A., she didn’t understand how to publish it, so she asked Olivia to do it for her.

Olivia says that because she was the one who did the work, she set up all the accounts in her name, which Moriah discovered when they stopped being friends over the summer of 2022.

Moriah sent an angry email accusing Olivia of stealing her music and the money she made from it.

Olivia downloaded all the financial reports and showed that all the money went to her bank account. She also says she gave back the files Moriah ever gave her. “I don’t want any of it,” Olivia says. “I washed my hands of it.”

“Don’t play with me,” Olivia says. “I own a business. I have records for everything, and I’m also not gonna take shit.”

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