Robyn still thinks there’s hope for Kody and Meri’s marriage – SISTER WIVES

Even though Meri has now mostly moved to Parowan, Utah and has a strained, almost non-existent relationship with Kody and Robyn, Robyn still has hope that Meri and Kody can work things out.

In a preview clip for tonight’s episode, Meri says she doesn’t feel comfortable “letting loose” around Kody and Robyn the way she can with her best friend Jenn Sullivan and her husband. Jenn’s husband even does things for her that Kody never did, like cleaning her car. She feels true friendship around then and like they want her to be around, which isn’t something she get’s getting in Flagstaff.

She does clarify to the audience, that her relationship with Jenn and her husband doesn’t “get weird.” There have been online rumors that Meri is “in love” with Jenn, but it sounds like she just has a close, longterm friendship with Jenn that she never had with any of her sister wives, including Robyn.

Robyn still has an idea in her head of some version of the previous Brown family coming together again, which is an idea that seems more and more delusional as time moves on.

“If Meri just sticks around long enough, and we get through what’s going on with Christine,” Robyn says. “And Kody and Janelle figure out what they’re going to do, and he can get through all of his anger and his emotions about everything, that they will have a chance to work it out.”

Kody, however, doesn’t see a clear way to have an eternal marriage with Meri because it doesn’t have any “fire.”

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