Mr. Beast bought a grocery store and locked a man inside, now he’s going broke

Mr. Beast has 187 million subscribers, and he’s spent a lot of money to make money on his platform with attention-getting stunts. This time, however, he may have gotten in over his head.

He shared on Twitter/X that he bought a grocery store in August, blacked out the winders and locked a “random person” inside. The problem for him is that he’s paying the person $10,000 a day to stay inside, and it’s now been over a month.

As long as the person doesn’t run out of food or get too lonely, he doesn’t have an incentive to leave the store and now Mr. Beast worries that he’s going to go broke.

Mr. Beast has an estimated worth of $500 million, but this one project is majorly taxing his resources and might cause him to shelve other projects unless he can find a way out of this. So far then man has made over $300,000 from the experiment, and could start to make $3,600,000 a year if he’s able to stay inside.

A few years ago YouTuber MatPat explored how long a person could feasibly survive inside of a grocery store and reasoned that you could last over 60 years.

This isn’t Mr. Beast’s first business venture to backfire. In August, the same month he bought the grocery store, Mr. Beast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) sued the ghost kitchen behind his Mr. Beast Burger brand that launched in 2020.

The lawsuit claimed that Virtual Dining Concepts, the company that executed Mr. Beast Burger, focused on expansion over quality control and also alleged that Donaldson hasn’t gotten any of the royalties owed to him from the endeavor.

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