EVIL LIVES HERE ‘I Don’t Know Why He Spared Me’ Murderer Tony Fiebiger

Sharon Morris is sickened by the fact that her ex Anthony James Fiebiger has killed multiple people. “It can happen to anyone,” she says in her episode of Evil Lives Here Season 9, Episode 3.

Sharon met Anthony “Tony” Fiebiger because he moved into her apartment complex. She started seeing him when coming home from work and college and eventually they got to know each other. She didn’t find him to be attractive, but the more she spoke with him, the more she liked him as a person.

They dated for several months before living together. This was the first long-term serious adult relationship for Sharon, and she found him to be very nice and courteous towards her. What Sharon didn’t know was that James was a murderer.

James had killed his girlfriend Norma, but he told Sharon that Norma had just left him one day. He said that she also left her wallet and her keys. Sharon didn’t understand why she had left her personal items when she left, but Anthony explained this away by saying she was hanging out with people who were heavily involved in drugs.

He also offered up the information that the police had interrogated him and given him a lie detector test, and claimed that this was proof that he had “nothing to do” with Norma’s disappearance.

The suspicious drum

One day, Tony and Sharon were driving past Tony’s cousin’s house. Tony pulled up to talk to his cousin, but the cousin didn’t want anything to do with. He told Tony to not come around there and speak to him. He said people were coming around asking questions about a drum.

Tony told him that there was nothing to worry about, but the cousin didn’t want to hear it.

Tony explained to Sharon that his cousin was just angry because he had helped Tony move. When questioned about the drum, Tony said that they had had to move a large drum, which he said had belonged to his previous landlord.

Odd behavior

Sometimes Tony would have a change of demeanor that scared Sharon. His expression would change, and he would sometimes stare into space for a really long time.

Sharon now speculates that he was struggling with his desire to kill during these times. Later, when was incarcerated, he revealed that he had been obsessed with the idea of murder all of his life.

Sharon was young and inexperienced, so she simply believed his story.

The girl on the trail

While having a picnic at the park with friends, Tony referenced another murder he committed. He told the group that a young girl named Marcia had been killed on the trail and no one had found out who did it.

In reality, he had been the one who killed 16-year-old Marcia Jones in 1982 with his friend Joseph Morton. They had been out looking for a young girl to rape.

Tony asked them if they walked to go for a walk on the trail. Sharon felt weird about it, so she stayed behind while Tony and the rest went out to the site of Marcia’s death.

Tony’s own mother was suspicious of him

Later, Tony’s mother told Sharon that she noticed that a knife went missing around the time of Marcia death. He had also been in a very hurried and rushed state.

Sharon tried to reassure his mom that it wasn’t him. Tony’s mom asked her to keep what she said in confidence, and Sharon did. She didn’t want to think that she knew someone capable of murder.

Sometimes Tony would disappear

At some point Tony would just go away for awhile. He told her that he just needed alone time. Now, Sharon suspects he may have been out hurting people.

Tony’s behavior escalated

Tony started getting in trouble at work, and was arrested several times for stealing. One day Tony went into a store to get something and came out of the store in handcuffs.

Sharon realized that his behavior was only getting worse, so she decided to leave him. She said she didn’t have a “breakup call” with him. They would often hang up during their talks while he was in jail. One day she told him to stop calling her.

After that, she moved out so he couldn’t find her when he got out of jail.

James Fiebiger died on Monday, April 4, 2022 while on death role at age 58.

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