LOVE IS BLIND Renee and Carter’s relationship was awful

Renee and Carter Love is Blind

There were a lot of disasters on Season 5 of Netflix’s Love is Blind, but Renee and Carter’s relationship was a disaster that never aired. Renee, who is now married to someone she knew before going on the show, is opening up about the extent of her problems with Carter.

The Love is Blind Season 5 disasters

One match-up, Tran Dang and Thomas Smith, ended with a sexual harassment lawsuit, and we’ve all be trying to comb through the messes involving Uche, Lydia, Aaliyah, and Milton as well as Johnie, Chris, Izzy, and Stacy.

Lydia and Milton came out of everything as the only married couple in the group and presented themselves as living happily ever after at the reunion.

Along with Tran and Thomas, Paige Tillman and Josh Simmons were another couple that the Love is Blind audience never met. In contrast, their relationship was pretty good according to Paige, even though it didn’t work out in the end.

What happened with Renee and Carter?

Renee spoke in-depth to Season 2 alums Deepti Vempati and Natalie Lee on their Out of the Pods podcast about her harrowing experience.

Renee says that she fell “deeply in love” with Carter during their time in the pods, but also noted that what they spoke about was surface level.

A few weeks ago Renee spoke with Pop Sugar about the experience and claimed that “things went really well in Mexico. We were always very pleasant, funny, happy, and enjoyed each other’s company.”

On Out of the Pods, however, she shared that red flags had already started to emerge. The first issue happened when Carter pushed back over the ubiquitous “shower scene” production pressures every couple to do when they go on their vacation in Mexico. Renee describes Carter as being “threatening” to the camera operators during this time.

Later during the vacation Carter asked a female production member if he could spit his chew into her drink. She declined because she was still drinking it.

On their way home from Mexico, Carter “flipped out” at someone at the airport because they asked him to wear a mask.

Problems escalated in Houston

Despite the few conflicts with production, Renee seems to have enjoyed her time in Mexico with Carter. When they returned to Houston, however, she stopped feeling safe around him. Production also grew wary of Carter, and allowed Renee to move out of their shared apartment and only show up for filming.

Production also asked her to remove the two guns she kept for protection from her home because they didn’t trust Carter around them.

During the last filming day before the wedding, Carter listed all the faults he felt Renee had. He body-shamed her and called her trashy and “a thot.”

After this confrontation, she found out from Stacy and Izzy that they caught him brining a girl to their shared apartment, which Renee wasn’t inhabiting because of safety concerns.

Since she didn’t feel comfortable living with

Carter’s financial issues put Izzy’s to shame

Izzy Zapata’s poor credit score, shaky employment, and other financial issues were a huge part of why Stacy said “no” to him at the altar. However, Izzy’s financial situation seems like a breeze compared to what Renee reports Carter’s situation was.

Carter, who was listed as a “fisherman” on the show, was not employed at all during filming and had no plans to get a job. Renee says that turned off a number of the women he talked to.

Still, he promised Renee a lot of things, including a ring upgrade and vacations, and to split expenses 50/50. Renee soon found out that he could never have delivered on any of this because he had -$500 in his bank account. Looking back on one of their evenings out, Renee thinks that Carter had no actually paid the tab, and they had instead dined and dashed.

She says they even fought the night of the barbecue over his lack of motivation to find work.

Renee rejected Carter at the alter because of the emotional abuse and manipulation she says she suffered from him.

Why were Renee and Carter cut from he season?

Renee believes that their relationship was cut because of the Trans Dang lawsuit. In light of the allegations being made against Trans’ former fiancé, it might look back to showcase another relationship exhibiting signs of abuse.

Renee says that she wasn’t directly told that their relationship was being edited out of the show. She was informed about a month and a half before the show aired that their relationship “wasn’t going to be a main focus” and “didn’t want her to relive everything she had gone through.” They said that the season had been cut from 12 to 10 episodes, so it was also a “timing issue.”

Both Renee and Carter appeared briefly on the show, but were billed as “pod squad” members and the nature of their connection was never revealed.

What is Carter doing now?

Carter’s Instagram profile now links to a website for a product called the “Pop Hat,” which is a foldable hate.

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