JERSEY SHORE Angelina Pivarnick has severe infection following plastic surgery

On Wednesday, October 4, 2023, Jersey Shore‘s Angelina Marie Pivarnick reached out for support and prayers concerning a severe infection.

“As I lay here crying about my health I ask you guys to pray my infection doesn’t go to my blood stream and implants,” Angelina wrote on Twitter. “If it does I would have to get them removed which we all know I just got them fixed due to extreme stress and weight loss from stress.”

She’s worried that the infection will make it to her heart, or will infect the tissue around her recent implants, which would mean she has to remove them.

She’s currently on antibiotics and imbibing a “wound powder” in her water, along with a diet full of protein, veggies and fruit. She’s also focusing on reducing her stress, but she still feels “hopeless.”

“Stress is terrible for our bodies. I am trying to stay strong and I am taking care of myself with lots of praying. 🙏❤️,” she continued.

Someone said that she had just gone live on Instagram and seemed fine, so Angelina further explained that she didn’t know how sick she really was until her plastic surgery gook off her surgical tapes and a major infections was discussed. She also had the flu last week, which has further weakened her body.

Image via: Instagram

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