90 DAY FIANCE Colt Johnson has $250,000+ medical bills after trampoline accident on THE LAST RESORT set

Colt Johnson has a whopping medical bill from a serious trampoline accident on the set of The Last Resort.

His wife Vanessa Guerra has previously shared that the couple are done with the 90 Day franchises after Colt had to have 3 surgeries for a broken leg. He had a host of complications, including a total loss of his bladder.

Now, Vanessa is sharing on her Instastories that his medical bills total over $250,000 as she took jabs at the 90 Day Fiancé production company Sharp Entertainment.

She says no one from production called to check on him after his accident because it was on the weekend.

She says they had to “bug them the following week to ask about insurance,” but they didn’t provide any information until months later. She then claims they gave them “fake insurance.”

Vanessa says that their only concern was whether he could still continue to film in a wheelchair and if they could film inside the hospital to document his journey for the show.

She went on to say that they’re not “begging for money” with this post, and that they have their own health insurance. “My point was not to expect a shitty company do right by anybody,” she says.

“LOL at people thinking Sharp gives a shit about them. You’re only valuable for content/bringing in $$. EVERYONE is easily replaceable. They literally left Colt in the hospital without a single phone call to check in on him because it was the weekend/after business hours and because we’re not employees.

We had to bug them the following week to ask about insurance and they couldn’t be bothered to give us information until months later. Eventually they gave us what seems like fake ass insurance to get us to stop bugging them. To this day not $1 has been paid and he’s got over $250k in hospital bills.

The only thing they were concerned about was could we make it to Florida even if he was in a wheelchair? Or could we still film from inside the hospital to document his journey?”

“And no I’m not begging for money. We have our own health insurance to
fall back on thankfully. My point was not to expect a shitty company do right by anybody”

Colt’s accident happened in December 2023, and he hasn’t posted on Instagram since 2021. Vanessa’s last grid post on Instagram is her January 2023 announcement of Colt’s accident.

On July 6, 2023, Vanessa confirmed that they had been filming for The Last Resort via Instagram stories.

She shared the trailer for the show with the following message: “Oh look, the show Colt and I were filming before they had the genius idea of putting him on a trampoline and telling him EXACTLY how to jump which led to his broken leg. Good thing they bailed on us as soon as they realized he was no good for content anymore.”