PLATHVILLE Moriah says Olivia deleted her music and stole the money she made from it

During Episode 2, Season 5 of Welcome to Plathville Moriah is having lunch with her dad while sitting in a trunk when he brings up the fact that he can’t find her song “Missed Myself” online. That’s when Moriah claimed that her sister-in-law Olivia had uploaded the music on her own account and then deleted it. She also claims that Olivia kept all the proceeds from the song.

Barry and Moriah

Olivia assisted Moriah in recording and releasing her song, and Moriah thought that everything had been uploaded on her own account. When she went to look, she couldn’t find it and realized that Olivia had done everything on her account.

Moriah had never actually logged in to check anything throughout this process and didn’t know that she had never published music on her own account.

Moriah and Olivia had a falling out after the last episode of Season 4 aired because Olivia accused Kim Plath of stealing from Ethan Plath.

Moriah was living with Olivia and Ethan at the time, but they were away for a European vacation, so she moved out without telling them.

She finally contacted Olivia to ask for the password to the account when she realized she couldn’t access her music.

Olivia left Moriah on read, so Moriah threatened legal action. After that message, Olivia removed the music from all online platforms and threatened legal action herself if Moriah didn’t delete all the photos that Olivia had taken of Moriah.

Because of this, Moriah told her dad Barry that her relationship with Olivia was now “nonexistent,” and would “be that way for . . . forever.”

Since then, Moriah says Ethan has tried to contact her a few times, “yelling at her” and asking her to apologize to Olivia and give them rent money.

Moriah then opened up to her dad about how low she’d been feeling, and how at some point she simply didn’t want to live anymore. Barry replied that he could somewhat relate to feelings of depression, and that he’s had some low moments during his divorce from Moriah’s mom Kim.

Moriah then told her dad that she wanted to get baptized because in those low moments she connected with God.

Barry and Moriah Hugging after their talk

Ethan’s side

Ethan Plath spoke about the situation with his friend Phillip at the car shop in Cairo, GA.

In the talking head interview, Ethan said that he called Moriah to tell her to pay her bills and that she owed him an apology for saying that Olivia stole her music and the money she made from it.

He said his last words to her were, “Do you understand?” She said “Yes,” and then hung up on him and blocked him.

Ethan told Phillip that he was having a hard time understanding the wild swings that the relationship in his family seemed to have. He explained that some people in the family would be really close to you for a few years, and then all of the sudden, the pendulum swings to no contact.

“It kind of feels like my family has bipolar relationship disorder or something,” Ethan says to the camera.