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THE ULTIMATUM 2 What is Roxanne’s business?

The Ultimatum’s Antonio Mattei is ready to get married to his girlfriend of four years, Roxanne Kaiser. However, Roxanne is reluctant to tie the knot with Antonio because she is already fully committed to something else — her business.

Keep reading for details on Roxanne’s company — including her inspiration for starting the business and details on the products they have available!

THE ULTIMATUM Shocker: Mal cheated on Yoly before they went on the show

Viewers of Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Queer Love watched at the relationship between Mal Wright and Yoly Rojas was heavily tested when Yoly fell in love with her trial marriage spouse Xander Boger.

Throughout the next few weeks, Mal accommodated Yoly’s feelings for Xander, and they got engaged at the end of the show. It turns out there was a reason Mal was so patient about Yoly and Xander’s relationship: Mal had cheated on Yoly before the show.

THE ULTIMATUM Why Jake and Rae didn’t work out

Within seconds of first speaking to each other, Rae and Jake already had a connection. They couldn’t believe how many things they had in common. As they got to know each other more they seemed more and more compatible with each other and by the end of the Ultimatum experiment, they seemed ready to leave their current partners and run away from each other. While they both did eventually leave the partners they came to the show with, Zay and April, they are currently not together. What happened with Rae and Jake and why didn’t they work out?

THE ULTIMATUM Who is April Marie’s new boyfriend Cody Cooper?

Although April Marie Melohn’s relationship with Jake Cunningham imploded as a result of the couple appearing on the new Netflix show The Ultimatum, April said at the reunion that she was grateful for the experience because it helped her meet her current boyfriend. She’s only been in the relationship for a few months, but reports that she’s “never been more happy or felt more loved.” On Instagram, April revealed who her new boyfriend is: a real estate broker and vape vending machine owner named Cody Cooper.