TIKTOK’s The Doughtery Dozen filled a swimming pool with nachos

For Cinco De Mayo, Alisha Doughtery of the “The Doughtery Dozen” social media family brand raised eyebrows when she filled a kiddie pool with nachos.

She featured this head-turning concoction in several videos. Alisha often shares the extreme foods she feeds her twelve children, who are aged from 4 to 17, and include both biological children and adopted and foster children.

For one birthday dinner Alisha put 20 pounds of spaghetti on a table, but these pool nachos top even that.

Of course, there were a lot of opinions in the comment sections from people shocked by the idea of eating nachos out of a pool. Thankfully, Alisha has confirmed that the pool was brand new.

One fear from detractors of this dish is that double dipping would be impossible to prevent in this situation.


Happy #CincoDeMayo have some #PoolNachos OC: @growkingbleesing

♬ original sound – user59245100716

To make the concoction Alisha poured in several bags of tortilla chips, added a pan of ground beef, a pot of nacho cheese, a giant bottle of salsa, a huge bag of shredded cheese, and topped it off with lettuce, whole black olives, and whole cherry tomatoes.

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