A Guide to Moriah Plath’s Tattoos: How many does she have?

Moriah Plath rebel tattoo

Since 21-year-old Moriah Plath was kicked out of her family home when she was still a minor, she’s gotten several tattoos, and plans to get many more. Tonight’s episode of Welcome to Plathville showcases Moriah getting inked with the word “Rebel” on her forearm because she feels like that word defines who she is. She’s since added several more.

Moriah Plath black heart Tattoo

Black Heart

Moriah got her first tattoo, “Black Heart” with three red lines in between the words, in 2020. She explained that she spent a lot of time thinking about what she wanted.

Just like the tattoo she’s getting this season, Black Heart is on her left wrist, and she has plans to get a full sleeve a tattoos on that arm.

As for what the Black Heart Tattoo means, Moriah said that the red lines represented her scars, making them more visible. She wanted to memorialize them to help her deal with past trauma. She also says the tattoo represents growth and strength for her.

“Black Heart” is symbolic of how she feels like an outsider in her family, and has a different heart from her siblings. This same sentiment may apply to her new Rebel tattoo was well.

Moriah Plath rose tattoo on her hip

Large rose tattoo

Moriah got a large red rose tattoo on her front hip with a black rose going towards her back in 2022, and documented the process on her YouTube channel.

In the description box of her video, Moriah says the she’s wanted this particular tattoo for a long time, and thinks the artist did a great job. It was done at Secret Tattoo Studio in Tampa, FL.

Moriah Plath tattoo behind her ear

Tattoo behind Moriah’s ear

On the show, Moriah shared some information about the seemingly abstract tattoo she has behind her right ear. “I have beach waves in a little design behind my ear.”

On Instagram, Moriah revealed she got the tattoo while in Hawaii.

Moriah Plath with no makeup

The Rebel Tattoo

The night before Moriah got her “Rebel” on her left forearm, she met her dad Barry for kombucha (Season 5, Episode 4.)

Barry asked her if she really wanted this tattoo, but Moriah was “positive.”

“Absolutely nothing can change my mind,” she added, to show her resolve.

Barry then jokes that when she gets older her skin may sag and the tattoo may be hard to read.

In interview, Barry explains that he used to care more about personal choices like this about her appearance, but now he’s more concerned about what’s going on with Moriah “internally.” And this new perspective is helping his kids connect with him more. Moriah has even opened up to him about her depression and thoughts of harming herself.

At the kombucha date, Moriah also shared with him how when she lost all of her hair from alopecia as a kid, the way people bullied her helped shape who she is today.

When Barry asked why she was getting the word “Rebel” tattooed on her, Moriah answered, “Because at the end of the day, that’s who I am. Nothing can change that.” That’s a bit vague but it’s clear that Moriah has always felt a bit like a black sheep in the Plath family.

Barry has his own interpretation on it, which has religious connotations. “I’ll just say ‘Hey, she’s rebelling against everything that her enemy has planned against her.”

“That sums it up,” Moriah says.

Moriah Plath new tattoos

More Tattoos

Since Moriah got her Rebel tattoo in 2022, she’s added several more and unveiled them on Instagram a couple of months ago (Summer 2023.)

She now has matching roses on her collarbone (one red, one black), thorns on her left shoulder, a pair of abstract wings a little farther down her left arm, and then a quote on her inner left arm.

The quote is a famous line from Psalms 23:4:

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil

Moriah has also started the sleeve on her right arm as well. She mentioned on Welcome To Plathville that she planned to get a tattoo to match her “Rebel” tattoo that says “Forgiveness.”

Perhaps Moriah realized the letter count was a little high if she wanted it to match “Rebel” because she opted for “Forgiven” instead.

Moriah Plath tattoos photos

As you can see in the photos above, Moriah also got a tattoo of multiple crosses forming a heart on her left wrist — next to her “Rebel” tattoo.

How many tattoos does Moriah Plath have?

There may be ones the public isn’t aware of, but from what we’ve been shown by Moriah, she has at least 10-11 separate pieces of art on her skin. The motif seems to be black and red ink with an almost gothic vibe.

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