How much weight has Nikocado Avocado lost?

YouTuber Nikocado Avocado famously gained over 200 pounds for views, but now it looks like he’s slimming down to a healthier weight.

When former vegan Nikocado first started his weight gain journey by posting huge fast food mudbanks everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, he vowed to stop eating unhealthy food when he turned 30. Last year his 30th birthday came and went, but he continued to publish his regular content. Then, he stopped.

Some creators speculated that he may have died, but he was simply taking a break and returned to his regular content a few months later. As of late, however, his content has slowed to a trickle. In between these high calorie mukbangs, Nikocado appears to be losing weight and he finally announced his weight loss in a new video.

How much weight has Nikocado Avocado lost?

In this video, and a few YouTube shorts he’s published, he looks noticeably slimmer, and he claims that he has lost “89 pounds.” That particular number is suspicious, though, because part of Nikocado’s schtick is to parody fellow YouTuber Amberlynn Reid, who has a meme about losing 89 pounds. She would repeat this fact about her past so much that it became a running joke, and Nikocado has incorporated “89 lb.” into his regular vernacular because of this.

Even though Nikocado hasn’t revealed exactly how much weight he’s lost, he does seem to be making progress. He could be working on a bigger project behind the scenes of his YouTube channels to document this big life change, which might be why he’s not making this weight loss journey into a huge deal yet.

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