LOVE IS BLIND Izzy and Stacy kept running into each other after their breakup

Stacy said no to Izzy on their wedding day but still kissed him and said she wanted a relationship with him. It was a confusing conclusion for this Love is Blind Season 5 couple, and things got more complicated afterward.

Stacy had just found out about Izzy’s poor credit score and financial situation before they made their way to the alter, and even though she had deep feelings for him, she didn’t feel confident that the marriage would work out.

Although it sounded like she still wanted to date Izzy, the future of their relationship was up in the air.

At the reunion, they revealed that they decided to take some time for themselves after the non-wedding.

Izzy said the week of waiting to speak to Stacy was hard for him because he missed her so much and had no idea where she stood on things. “Not knowing was really tough,” he said.

When they finally met up, Izzy felt like something was off, so he asked Stacy if she was still feeling their relationship. She replied that she wasn’t, which upset Izzy so much that they didn’t talk for a year.

They may not have spoken again until the reunion, except they kept running into each other.

Stacy doesn’t go out to bars, but she found herself at one with her family to celebrate her sister’s grad school graduation about a year after she broke up with Izzy.

Izzy happened to be at the same bar, and her mom, who loves Izzy, spotted him.

Stacy was scared, but Izzy immediately hugged her, and she felt an immediate relief.

They then spent some time reconnecting and processing their Love is Blind experience. Enough time had passed to help them more fully process their feelings.

Izzy revealed that they did “share a kiss” during their reconnection, but it didn’t lead to rekindling their relationship. Izzy considers Stacy to be a good “bro” now. 

Oddly enough, Izzy and Stacy randomly met up again while out in Houston. They had both brought their dates to the same cooking class and were even matched up together on the same team to make paella!

They both had to quickly tell their dates that their exes were there. When the chef asked if they all wanted a photo together, she declined.

Izzy’s still dating the woman from the cooking class, and Stacy has “no comment” about her date from the class or her current dating life.

Stacy isn’t the only ex Izzy shared a kiss with; he also kissed Johnie!

Johnie had reconnected with Chris at the airport while leaving the Love is Blind experiment, and by the time they showed up at the group barbecue, they were “official,” according to Johnie. Things didn’t go well after that, and Johnie found out Chris was cheating on her. 

Later, some of the cast members met up at a bar, and Johnie and Izzy talked to see if there was anything there between them, which is a bit odd considering that Izzy really went in on Johnie at the barbecue and called her “sketchy.”

They shared a kiss in Izzy’s car, but they soon realized that they weren’t right for each other either. Johnie is now in a serious relationship with a man named Alex

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