LOVE IS BLIND Chris cheated on Johnie, then she made out with Izzy

The Season 5 Love is Blind reunion had several revelations about Johnie Maraist’s life after the show.

The love triangle

While the cast members were still in the pods, Johnie seriously dated both Izzy Zapata and Chris Fox.

For a while, Johnie was Izzy’s top match, but towards the end of the experiment, he felt he was connecting more with Stacy Snyder.

At that time, Izzy was Johnie’s #1 pick, so she broke it off with Chris before knowing that Izzy was going to break it off with her.

She regretted this decision and tried to get Chris to stay with her, but he left the experiment.


Johnie and Chris’ story wasn’t over at the pods, however. They found each other again at the airport and started dating. They showed up together as a couple at the group barbecue, and Johnie stated that they were “official.”

Chris cheated

Although Chris and Johnie seemed strong at the party, their relationship disintegrated immediately afterwards.

Chris went to an out-of-state wedding, and then returned back to Houston but didn’t reconnect with Johnie. A few weeks later one of her friends spotted him out with another woman.

Chris essentially ghosted Johnie while they were in a relationship. “I didn’t handle the situation as someone would properly,” Chris said. “But I did find someone who I now live with, and I love, and we’re very happy together.”

Johnie now has regrets about how she handled things in the pods because she wishes she would have not broken it off with Chris, and “just dated both of them” to see how the natural process would have happened.

She says she takes accountability for not putting Chris first, and understands that he was hurt by the experiment.

Johnie kissed Izzy

Not only did Johnie and Chris’ relationship dissolve, but Izzy and Stacy also parted ways after Stacy rejected Izzy at the altar.

After this, Izzy and Johnie met up with some other cast members from the show, talked, and even kissed in Izzy’s Jeep.

Izzy said that they tried to “give it a shot,” but he wasn’t over Stacy and that they realized that they weren’t each other’s person.

“We tried to kind of hang out and it was pretty clear that it was still the same pattern,” Johnie said.

Chris was also in attendance at this event, and said that while it was “painful” for him to see Izzy and Johnie together, he wasn’t mad about it because they had had a real connection in the pods.

Stacy was “shocked” to hear that Izzy and Johnie made out because of things he had said about her.

Who is Johnie dating now?

Johnie is currently in a relationship with a man named Alex for about a year.

She shared photos of them together at the Love is Blind reunion on Instagram.

“hell was the journey but it brought me heaven 🩵 happy one year, Alex – thank you for showing me what true love is,” Johnie wrote.

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