TIKTOK Are people eating frozen mice now?

Eating Frozen Mice

Two separate women on TikTok have shared stories about stumbling on a group of people eating frozen mice. It turns out that this isn’t a new trend: these two people had gone to the same college and encountered the same group of people.

@ahecksis2 says that the group purchased the frozen mice from a pet store, but thawed them out before a consumption, so they were essentially raw. They sat together in a circle.

@lealearambles also saw the group consume mice from ziplock bags while sitting in a circle. She said at first she thought they were marinated chicken wings, but, alas, they were mice.


RESPONSE TO THIS VIDEO: @Lea Yes they were the same people. If anyone else has experienced this please come forward onlyatGW Also one time that we went to the pet store together I saw her buy live mice so I would love to know how they ate those

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