Paige Tillman and Josh Simmons’ engagement was completely cut from LOVE IS BLIND Season 5

There were at least three engaged couples who were cut from Love is Blind Season 5. Renee and Carter were a couple that we saw the most of on the show. They went to Mexico and were even at the group wedding attire shopping, but the audience still didn’t get a glimpse into their love story and engagement. When they appeared post-engagement, they were labeled as “pod squad” members.

Another participant, Tran Dang, alleges that she was sexually assaulted by her fiancé, and all of their scenes were cut.

Paige and Josh, however, had a drama-free romance full of “love, beautiful moments and happiness,” but they were also completely cut from the show. Unlike Renee and Carter, the audience didn’t even get a glimpse of them.

A week ago, Paige shared their engagement story on her Instagram account.

“We got engaged 🫶 Josh and I are so excited to share that we found love in the pods. We were each others first pod dates and number one picks from the beginning. Our story is filled with love, beautiful moments and happiness with no drama. After the show we stayed engaged and even planned our wedding. During the time we shared together we fell deeply in love and also found out we just wanted different things out of life. We made the hardest decision to end our engagement, we have nothing but love and respect for each other and always will. We are so grateful LIB brought us together and would do it all over again if we could 🤍”

Now, she’s appearing on a the Real Tawk podcast to further elaborate about her unseen love story.

Paige and Josh ultimately decided to end their engagement, but Paige doesn’t regret the experience at all.

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