TIKTOK Was Ken Waks investigating serial killers to promote an app?

For a while over the past few weeks a TikToker named Ken Waks was showing up on a lot of “For You” pages with disturbing information: he was investigating a plethora of unsolved deaths in cities like Chicago, Austin, Boston, and beyond that he thought were all connected. Was he really onto something, or was he using the tragedy of others to promote an app?

Ken was monitoring deaths that occurred near bodies of water in major cities and linking them to what he said may be a major crime ring, or a prolific serial killer or killers. He even implied that police departments and the media at large were covering up what he saw as a conspiracy. He had a meeting with the Chicago police, and later reported back that they wouldn’t listen to him about his concerns.

Ken said he himself was almost lured into cars twice, and warned people to watch their drinks and not get into strange cars after going to bars, which is great advice, of course. The larger question is if all these deaths are really connected, or if there are a myriad of reason like drunken accidents, singular murders, and incidents of suicide that explain many of the tragic situations he was tracking.


Made a map of the Chicago missing persons tonight. I have over 10, while the news had 4. Theirs has where the bodies were found, mine has where they were last seen, headed to, last heard from, & of course all of the dates and times. You can access the map by going to my beacons. While I’ve been working on this a lot of amazing things have been happening behind the scenes and I’m so happy to finally share everything with you. Have a great Friday ☺️ and stay safe, there’s a huge storm out there.

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Things started to unravel when he started slipping in promotions for a planning app called Foresyte that he was the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for, a promotion that he took on just a few months ago. People started questioning his motives for integrating app plugs into his crime coverage.


Replying to @jazmynjw I’ve built @foresyte (mostly) behind the scenes for the last 8 months. It does a LOT. It’s a social calendar, travel planner, and it helps you find cool experiences all over the world. All while helping you budget for those events so you don’t break the bank! It’s free! You can also be a part of our journey on StartEngine ☺️ HAPPY to answer any questions, I spend a lot of time on this 😅 #foresyte #myjob #startup #startuplife #planner #calendar #travel #traveltiktok #travelplanner #eventplanner #budget #checkitout #thankyou

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Everything got even more strange when he claimed that he was being recruited for the FBI and that an investigator came to his door in the middle of a Sunday evening.

The situation came to its apex when he announced on TikTok that he had “cracked” the case alone at 3 a.m. by running tags and connected this all to the Smiley Face Murder Theory.


Replying to @drinksbywild I cracked the case. At 3am last night I was finally able to corroborate multiple people’s first-hand reports. Because of all of you reaching out to me sharing your experiences, I was able to call my new teammate Detective Gannon and give him the license plate and description of this driver. He’s getting the plates run right now, I’ll update you as I can. My team has officially joined his as they open their investigation into the Smiley Face Gang. With all of working together (our teams and everyone who sends me information) we will finally be able to bring these people to justice and get answers for those families. Welcome to the team yall, let’s get to work 🤝 #update #investigation #smileyface #chicago #austin #pi #detective #nypd #team #squad #wegotthis #teamwork #serialkiller #conspiracy #coverup

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After this declaration, skeptics started calling out the validity of his claims in a larger number than before.

Ken then issued an apology video where he regretted mixing promoting his app with his investigation. He said that he has passed over all his information to the authorities and will no longer cover this topic. “I got a little lost in the sauce over this story,” Ken said in the apology video.


I’m sorry. These two parts of my life should have been kept seperate. I won’t make excuses for what has already been done, but moving forward it will never happen again. I hope you can forgive me for what was an honest mistake that stemmed from trying to do too many things at once. This lesson has been hard learned, but a necessary one as I move into the next chapter of my life. #apology #controversy #update #imsorry #kencontroversy #ken

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One of his ex-girlfriends (B, or @1800Brigitte) posted some videos sharing that she found his behavior to obsessive and controlling when they dated. She says that since she started speaking out that a lot of other women have come to her with similar experiences.


Replying to @vanessa @Meredith Lynch thank you also for courage

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Justin Burnett @justintimeforlife, one of the TikTokers who has been questioning Ken shared that Foresyte has parted ways with Ken.


#Forsyte has parted ways with #ken #kentroversy update. figured I’d just let ya all know. NBC article should be coming out on Monday. @Meredith Lynch

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