THE ULTIMATUM Shocker: Mal cheated on Yoly before they went on the show

Viewers of Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Queer Love watched at the relationship between Mal Wright and Yoly Rojas was heavily tested when Yoly fell in love with her trial marriage spouse Xander Boger.

Throughout the next few weeks, Mal accommodated Yoly’s feelings for Xander, and they got engaged at the end of the show. It turns out there was a reason Mal was so patient about Yoly and Xander’s relationship: Mal had cheated on Yoly before the show.

The news was dropped on TikTok, and comes from someone who attended Yoly’s show watch party in Chicago. They say that Yoly explained that when they went on the show Mal had been in the “doghouse” because they had cheated on Yoly.


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Mal confirmed that they cheated in a comment, where they explained that the cheating occurred a year before Mal and Yoly filmed the show. They went to couples’ counseling afterwards to repair their relationship.

Even though Yoly and Mal got engaged at the end of the show, Yoly still harbored deep romantic feelings for Xander, who had broken up with their longtime girlfriend Vanessa Papa and asked Yoly to give them a shot.

At the reunion it was revealed that Yoly and Mal’s relationship ended after filming. Mal was also surprised by how things had really played out between Xander and Yoly when she viewed the show for the first time.

Although Yoly and Xander briefly met up at Coachella, they also did not pursue a relationship with each other.

According to their Instagram profile, Xander has relocated from California to Hawaii.

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