Blac and Rob Latest: Loads more babies, wedding date reveal, and neck tattoo surprise

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The Blac and Rob latest is that one baby just won’t be enough for the couple, who revealed to that they intend to have oodles and scads more (if possible). The pair sat down for a Facebook Live event with fans this week, and dished on everything from their first date to Rob’s preferred food delivery service. When asked if they wanted to have more than just one child, neither Blac nor Rob held back. “Rob wants me to have, what, four more?” asked Blac, while Rob looked on, beaming.

Rob responded, “You can do, like, three more, so four total, plus [Tyga’s son] King, so that’s five.” How Rob knows the exact limits of his wife’s reproductive system is unclear, but he sounded pretty sure of himself when he said it.

One other bit of information the couple shared? The date of their upcoming wedding, something that’s puzzled gossip columnists and eagle-eyed Kardashian observers (“Observashians”) for months. Of course, since that is prized information, Blac and Rob didn’t actually share the actual, real date–just the sort of general range of when they want to get hitched. To the surprise of many, it looks like their plans have actually changed: though early reports suggested that they wanted an autumn ceremony, now it looks like they’ll jump the broom sometime in early 2017.

“I want to turn up after,” Rob said to Blac, after the reveal. I want to turn up on my honeymoon. I want to turn up on you.”

“Sh!t,” said Blac, ignoring Rob’s interjection, “if it was up to Rob we would have gone to the courthouse long ago.” The reason they haven’t gotten married yet is because cameras will be involved, and Blac wants to “snap back” to her pre-pregnancy body before going in front of the lens.

“We’ll wait for the wedding special,” Rob added, confirming what we all suspected: that he and Blac’s nuptuals will be filmed for Rob & Chyna, their upcoming reality show, which will debut this fall on E!.

Also, Rob Kardashian now has Blac Chyna’s real name tattooed on his neck:

(Photo credits: Blac and Rob latest via Instagram)

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