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LHHH Newbies Summer Bunni and Antonio Velaz allegedly fought both Lyrica and A1 and are bringing a Blac Chyna love triangle to the show

It looks like newbies Summer Bunni and Antonio Velaz are singlehandedly driving away the old LHHH cast and remaking the show on their own terms. Yesterday, we reported that A1 and Lyrica Anderson had split up following A1’s affair with Summer and the couple’s physical fights with both Summer and Antonio. Now comes gossip that Summer’s love triangle with Blac Chyna and Soulja Boy from earlier this year will be a part of her storyline for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 6 — because she’s bringing both Chyna and Soulja onto the show?

REPORT Half the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast to be fired following Season 3 reunion special

It's the end of one season, so the rumors have begun about the next: according to a new item, half of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast will be fired after this year's two-part reunion special airs, and replaced with all-new members for Season 4. Read on for the full (ish) report, and to check out the list of alleged casualties...

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Soulja Boy springs surprise birth announcement, keeps baby mama’s identity a secret

Does Soulja Boy have a kid? According to the man himself, it is decidedly so: the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star recently raised eyebrows by tweeting out that he’s about to become a father. But who’s the baby mama? And what does Soulja’s girlfriend Nia Riley have to say about all this? Read on to see Soulja’s tweet and check out the latest rumors…

VIDEO LHHH Soulja Boy and Nia Riley in hot water over murder threat

Soulja Boy and Nia Riley have seen their relationship take its share of blows over the years, but the most recent shot has observers shaking their heads at the pair. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Soulja–real name DeAndre Cortez Way–threatened to kill a man he thought Nia had been seeing, and brandished a gun on-screen as he did so. Read on to see the clip, and to find out how Soulja got trolled...

LHH Hollywood: Are Soulja Boy and Nia Riley together? He insults her vagina for all the world to see

Are Soulja Boy and Nia Riley together? One of the highest-profile couples on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has been going through a rough patch of late–and their war of words recently spilled over onto social media. Read on to see the jaw-dropping insult Soulja laid down at Nia's expense–and to find out how she responded!