Alexis Skyy reportedly wants Rob Kardashian’s sock fortune seed (and Blac Chyna’s career moves)

Alexis Skyy

It’s been a busy week for Alexis Skyy. She brawled in the club with Blac Chyna, got in a knife fight with one of baby daddy Fetty Wap’s other baby mamas, then trolled Blac by starting what looked like a fake fling with her baby daddy Rob Kardashian. But now the gossip game has leveled up: it appears that Alexis Skyy is mad to have Rob’s baby, and would do “anything” to make that happen. So, if nothing else, it seems Alexis has been studying the Blac Chyna career playbook.

Multiple outlets are now reporting that not only is Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian’s love for real — Alexis’ baby fever is, too. Hollywood Gossip is one of several sites alleging that Alexis is “telling people” that she “would give anything to get pregnant with Rob’s baby.” Apparently Rob’s big sisters think Alexis’ tack (or tactlessness, depending on your perspective) is “just gross,” though they’re also “hopeful that things will work out between Rob and Alexis.”

So, a few things. One, it’s hard to dismiss this story out of hand simply because it’s almost the exact same strategy that Blac Chyna used to tap into the Kardashian pipeline in the first place. Three years ago, Blac Chyna was a former stripper and fairly prominent social media tummy tea promoter whose main claim to fame was being the woman who dated Tyga before Kylie Jenner. After getting together with Rob and having a baby by him, Blac has more than tripled her Instagram following alone, snagged a seven-figure deal for a failed reality TV show, and made herself front page-worthy on every gossip site you can think of.

In other words, this shit works. So it’s hardly farfetched to envision Alexis Skyy hearing about the cops getting called to Blac Chyna’s house over since-debunked child neglect claims last week and thinking about how to turn those claims to her advantage. If I’m Alexis, I’m having my PR people plant a quote about how I’d love nothing more than Rob Kardashian’s sock fortune seed in my belly just to remind him what a good mother I am.

Also worth pointing out: Though this story has been percolating for a while, Gossip Cop, the Good Place judge of all Kardashian tea, has yet to report on a single item involving Alexis Skyy. They could just be rolling their eyes out of those eyes’ sockets at the whole circus; they could also be prepping a major takedown for whenever Star or In Touch runs a cover story claiming Alexis is pregnant. But the fact that the gossip involving Blac, Rob, and Alexis began almost two weeks ago and there’s still no semi-official rebuttal is telling.

(Photo credit: Alexis Skyy via Instagram)

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