Blac Chyna and Rob under fire: Weight gain indifference outrages fans

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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian appear closer than ever as preparations for their late-summer wedding roll on–but a string of recent social media updates and rumors sees the couple courting controversy. Though they’re certainly no strangers to incidents of fat shaming: we reported months ago on an Instagram post of Blac’s in which she took her haters to task after insensitive comments about her appearance. “I AM HAVING A BABY,” Blac wrote at the time. “Exactly what do you expect to see? If I walked out…to be beautiful to your means I WOULD BE MISERABLE & UNHAPPY which are two vibes I refuse to transfer to my little one.”

Blac Chyna baby bump

Blac drew praise for that comment, but raised eyebrows more recently when she revealed that she intended to gain 100 pounds over the course of her pregnancy. According to Blac, her weight was “about 139” before getting pregnant, and she shared a SnapChat post over the weekend in which she stepped off the scale at 170.8.

Shortly thereafter, Blac updated her Instagram page with a photo and caption that sent her followers into a tizzy:

Why should I watch my weight when I'm pregnant ?

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Among the less sensitive responses to Blac’s question were several that questioned her decision-making as a mother-to-be (for the second time). “Cuz it’s not healthy to gain a lot of weight, preggers or not. Everyone knows that. And it’s harder to lose the babyweight after…,” replied one person. “So u don’t catch a heart stroke pregnant. Girl u gotta eat healthy for the baby, don’t be selfish,” added another. “Ummmmmm because it’s healthier for your baby you moron!!!!!” and “Why pregnant women shouldn’t drink sodas, coffee, eat a lot of sweets and more veggies and fruits. I hate when I see a pregnant woman drinking coffee and drinking soda like really!? You’re selfish for drinking that crap! Drink water!” were also indicative of the types of pregnancy-based responses Blac got.

In addition, her rhetorical question attracted a slew of more personal insults. Among those:

“Because you look like a fat f*cking cow.”
“You look more digusting than before…and that means a lot.”
“Because you kept calling @heathersanders_ fat during/after her pregnancy and karma is a b!tch.”
“Blac Chyna is a fat ugly ghetto b!tch.”
“How you thot posing while pregnant?”
“I’m sorry but she looks like a pregnant hooker in that dress. Maybe it’s time for more flowy and elegant [maternity] dresses?”

Blac Chyna and Rob 4

At the same time, Rob Kardashian has been criticized for a rumor alleging that he’s undergone liposuction treatments, in order to augment his weight loss, before the cameras roll on he and Blac’s KUWTK spin-off. A new Inquisitr report makes the claim, stating that Rob is “only pretending to get in shape for his upcoming wedding by dieting and exercising.”

A supposed insider elaborated: Rob is “faking it,” said the source. “Rob is spending a fortune on liposuction treatments, and he’ll keep getting them, all the way up to the wedding….He’s having excess fat sucked out from his back, butt, arms, belly chest, chin, neck — everywhere!”

The rumor comes just days after a report stating that Kris Jenner helped Blac Chyna and Rob land a million-plus dollar endorsement deal for a series of weight loss products.

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