Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni charged with revenge p0rn and assault?!

Blac Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni arrest warrant for allegedly posting revenge p0rn

Just a few months after her daughter Blac Chyna was victimized by ex Rob Kardashian posting nude photos of her online, Shalana “Tokyo Toni” Hunter has been charged with allegedly posting revenge p0rn and second-degree assault!

The charges look to be part of an ongoing feud between Tokyo Toni and three people named Oluseun Alexander, Eric Alexander, and Robin Hunt-Alexander. Online forums and social media users have identified the three people as Tokyo Toni’s landlord and family members. Although that fact has not been confirmed, it certainly lines up with the narrative told by Maryland court dockets over the last few months.

I have compiled a timeline based on court records available online that seem to illustrate a volatile, and continually escalating situation that also includes alleged trespassing and arson threats:

July 24, 2017: Tokyo Toni files for rent escrow against Eric Alexander, which essentially means that she wants to pay her rent to a third party until whatever issue(s) she has with her landlord (unfinished repairs, etc.) is resolved.

August 16, 2017: Tokyo Toni is charged with second-degree assault for an incident on the same day. The charges were filed by Robin Holt-Alexander and a trial date is set for December 1.

August 16, 2017: Tokyo Toni is named in a petition for a peace order, which is a protective order for individuals not in a personal relationship with each other. The petitioner’s name(s) is not revealed, and the order is dismissed when the petitioner does not show up for the hearing on August 23.

August 17, 2017: A judge approves rent escrow for Tokyo Toni as she is ordered to pay $1,500 a month to the Clerk of the District Court prior to the fifth of each month.

August 23, 2017: Tokyo Toni files a tort claim against Robin Alexander in the amount of $30,000. “A tort claim is filed when an injured victim seeks compensation for personal or financial injury from the person who injured them,” Chown Cairns explains on their website. “The injuries can be physical, emotional, psychological or even financial.”

September 8, 2017: The rent escrow case is closed and Eric Alexander is issued his $1,500. It is unclear why, but I’m guessing it is because of the next entry in this timeline from the same day.

Tokyo Toni wink

September 8, 2017: A criminal complaint is filed against Tokyo Toni under all three Alexanders’ names claiming that she is a “tenant holding over,” which means that she is a renter who has not left the residence after the lease has expired or has been terminated. According to the court dockets, the possession order was granted by a judge on October 10, essentially ruling in the landlord’s favor against Tokyo Toni. There was a “warrant of restitution” issued on October 24.

From Wikipedia:

A Warrant of Restitution is a court order which empowers a property owner to use court bailiffs to enforce a possession order which was gained previously.

A common use of such a warrant is for a landlord to remove tenants which have re-entered the property after eviction. The warrant allows the bailiffs to remove all people found on the property. There is normally no requirement to start additional legal proceedings as it is effectively an additional warrant of possession.

Ah, but we are getting ahead of ourselves here!

October 10, 2017: Tokyo Toni files for rent escrow yet again. A hearing is set for November 9.

October 16, 2017: A summons is issued to Robin Holt-Alexander for two separate charges of failure to comply with a peace order. Tokyo Toni is the complainant.

October 17, 2017: Robin Holt-Alexander is charged with trespassing by Tokyo Toni from an incident n the same day. A trial is set for December 7.

October 18, 2017: A summons is issued to Olusean [sic] Alexander for threatening arson! The incident allegedly occurred on October 17 and the complainant is Tokyo Toni. A trial date is set for December 7 at the same time and in the same courtroom as the trespassing charge against Robin Holt-Alexander.

October 20, 2017: Tokyo Toni is named in another peace order, but yet again, the name of the person filing the peace order is not revealed. The peace order looks to be valid through October 31. (There is a separate peace order filing against Tokyo Toni on the same day that looks to be valid through October 27.)

Tokyo Toni real name Shalana Hunter  arrest warrant revenge p0rn

October 20, 2017: A warrant is issued for Tokyo Toni on two separate charges of revenge p0rn — one occurring on October 15 and the other on October 18. The charges were made by Olu Seun Alexander. It is unclear at this point exactly what kinds of photos or videos were allegedly posted by Tokyo Toni, or who was in them.

October 24, 2017: The Warrant of Restitution mentioned above is issued against Tokyo Toni.

Numerous sites were reporting on Saturday that Tokyo Toni had been arrested, but I could find no record of her arrest online. That isn’t to say that she wasn’t arrested, I just cannot verify that she was. If I am able to confirm her arrest, I will be sure to update this post.

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